10 Tips for Better Spring Cleaning & Storage in Fall River, MA

spring-cleaning-storageYou have probably heard the old saying, “work smarter, not harder,” which encourages us to think about better ways to get things done that will save us time, money and energy. Spring cleaning is one of those necessary evils that has to be done each year, clearing out the clutter that stored up over fall and winter, while preparing our homes and our lives for the spring and summer seasons to come. Our houses, our cars and campers in RV storage in Fall River, should all be cleaned thoroughly.

Renting space at local Fall River storage units can help you to compartmentalize your seasonal belongings, providing you with more space at home to keep things nice and organized. You can even reserve a Penske rental truck through Affordable Storage in Fall River to help you move things from point A to point B as you organize your home. Great for transporting furniture and other large items that you no longer need, but just aren’t ready to part with forever.

Tip #1 – Start at the Door
One way to stay on top of all the work you need to get done is to start at the front door and work your way to the rest of the home. Start by shaking off those doormats, cleaning them up good and stow them away until next year. That’s right, it isn’t cool to keep your “Merry Christmas” doormat out all year long. Store it in the garage, shed or put it away with the holiday decorations until next year.

Tip #2 – Clean the Floors
Sweeping and moping can only get you so far. Spring cleaning is about deep cleaning everything from top to bottom, so make sure you don’t miss the floors. If you have carpets, consider having them professionally cleaned or invest in a high quality home cleaner. If you have tile flooring, now is a great time to tackle that grout, and if you have wood flooring, it’s a great time to clean and apply a fresh protective coating to the entire space.

Tip #3 – Retrieve Stored Items
If you have things stored at your Fall River storage units, such as spring gardening tools, warmer weather jackets and clothing, and other important items that you will need as the season begins to bloom, consider retrieving them from your storage now. Larger items, such as lawnmowers, edgers and even vehicles and RVs in storage in Fall River, should be brought home, cleaned and prepared for use.

Tip #4 – Clean the Upholstery
While you might vacuum the couch and chairs on a regular basis, now is a good time to really clean those fabrics. Did you know that fabrics retain body oils, germs and dirt just like clothing? It is important to do a real deep cleaning to protect your furniture and reduce build-up. You can do this when you shampoo the carpets and have it professionally done, rent a cleaner from your local store or invest in a good carpet and upholstery cleaning machine that you can use a couple of times each year and for cleaning up stains in between.

Tip #5 – Wash the Vertical Surfaces
A lot of time is spent washing down countertops, tables and floors, but not enough time is spent mentioning the attention that your walls, baseboards, woodwork and cabinets require. Dust everything off first and then use a mild cleaner, dish detergent or surface specific cleaner to really clean everything really good. Make sure to dry any woodwork or walls to prevent streaking as it dries.

Tip #6 – Throw Stuff Away
Every season, make sure to commit yourself to throwing stuff away that you no longer need or use. Go through closets, storage areas, attics, basements and under-the-bed boxes to make sure you aren’t just hoarding things you don’t really want. Use the three pile method: one pile for tossing, one pile for donating and the other pile for storing. Use your storage unit at Affordable Storage in Fall River to safeguard the things you want to keep, but don’t necessarily have room for at home.

Tip #7 – Fixtures!
Don’t forget the fixtures. Lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, HVAC vents and more should all be cleaned during your annual spring and fall cleaning, plus more frequently in-between if you live in an area where there is a lot of dust in the air. Ceiling fans collect dust even when they are spinning, air conditioner and heating vents should be cleaned before using and light fixtures can actually decrease the amount of light they are putting out even with a light layer of dust.

Tip #8 – Appliances
Now is a great time to clean appliances in your home and even for your camper at the RV storage in Fall River. Clean refrigerator coils, scrub out all of the shelves, clean your oven, scour the microwave and just get everything ship shape and clean. If you are storing appliances, such as an extra refrigerator or dryer, make sure to clean them before placing them in Fall River storage units for safety.

Tip #9 – Clean the Cupboards
Make sure to take time to clean out your pantry and cupboards twice a year, tossing away expired foods and donating any extra items that you know you won’t have time to prepare before they expire. Consider organizing your pantry to make it easier to find things or to clean out again the next time around.

Tip #10 – Take a Trip to Your Storage
Once you have everything cleaned and prepared to be put away into storage for next winter, plan a trip to Affordable Storage in Fall River. If you have a lot of large items and don’t have access to a truck, ask about our hourly local rates to reserve a Penske rental truck. In addition to providing quality Fall River storage units, we are also an authorized dealer for Penske Truck rentals.

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