10 Tips for Smarter Storage Unit Organization in Fall River

smart-organizationWhen it comes to putting your belongings into a self storage facility, it is important to understand at thing or two about storage unit organization. Unless your things are just going to be in there for a few days or a couple of weeks while you move or make changes at your home, you will want to organize and protect all of your things for the long haul. When property gets stored for weeks, months or even years at a time, it is important to do it right. These tips for storage units will help you to make the most out of your personal space at Affordable Storage in Fall River.

Tip #1 – Basic Protection
It is important to protect all of the items that you store in your self storage facility. This is the very first step of storage unit organization and it should be done before you bring your items to Affordable Storage in Fall River. You can use bubble wrap, tissue paper, cardboard boxes, plastic seal-top bins – whatever you think would be best to protect your belongings. Wrap up fragile items and be careful not to stack breakable things up high inside your storage unit so they won’t fall over when you move other boxes or items in the future.

Tip #2 – From the Floor Up
While most storage units have protections in place to prevent damage due to water or flood, extreme weather can occur no matter where your self storage facility is located. Hurricanes, severe snow storms, ice storms and other events can bring water inside the facility, which can damage your things. One way to prevent these issues is to keep all of your items up off the floor. Some people prefer to use pallets or 2x4s as a basic method of protection, while others will bring in metal or plastic shelving units that can be used to keep cardboard boxes up and away from the floor.

Tip #3 – Dust Coverage
Furniture can be draped with sheets or wrapped with mover’s stretch plastic wrap to protect wood from scratches or dings, as well as to protect upholstery from dust. No matter how well sealed the storage facility is, these tips for storage units regarding dust and protection, especially for furniture and other upholstered or fabric items, should be adhered to very carefully. You don’t want to have to spend a lot of money having your furniture cleaned when it comes out of storage.

Tip #4 – Fight Moisture
To prevent damage that can come from a natural build-up of moisture inside your self storage facility unit, use a moisture absorber. This small act can protect your things from problems associated with moisture, such as mold or mildew.

Tip #5 – Pack Smart
Another way to protect your items and stay on top of storage unit organization is to place all of your electronics items at the back of the unit or on top of sturdy metal shelving units. You don’t want them to be damaged by future activity when you add or remove items from your Affordable Storage in Fall River.

Tip #6 – Label Glass as Fragile
Glass and other breakable items that are packed away in boxes or other packaging should be CLEARLY marked as fragile so you know to be careful when moving them.

Tip #7 – Storage Units Aren’t Safe Deposit Boxes
Don’t ever think about your self storage facility rental as a safe deposit box. The reason why valuables are kept in a locked vault at a bank is because it is safer than even keeping them inside your home. A storage unit is not the place to keep things such as cash money, furs, jewelry or other valuable items.

Tip #8 – Think About Pest Control
Speak with your rental agent about policies regarding pest control on the premises. You may want to ask if it’s okay to place deterrents, use sprays or place traps out just in case, but you must get the manager’s permission first. Many storage facilities take care of their own pest control needs, just like any other business, but if this is a concern for you, you might want to ask about other things that you can do to protect your belongings in the event of an issue.

Tip #9 – No Flammable or Dangerous Items
It is very important that you do your part to ensure that nothing dangerous is stored at Affordable Storage in Fall River. That means nothing flammable, nothing that could cause terrible odors or fumes, and nothing that would attract pests, such as open food items. Be smart about the things that you put in your self storage facility unit and if you aren’t sure about something, just ask the manager.

Tip #10 – Get a Great Lock
The best way to protect your belongings and provide proper storage unit organization is to start off with a great lock. One of the most safe and secure lock products available is the disc lock. Speak with the self storage facility manager about using disc locks and for other important safety information.

Storage Unit Organization in Fall River
If you are looking for a quality and secure self storage facility right here in the South Coast region, look no further than Affordable Storage Fall River. The best tips for storage units include finding a location that provides 24/7 video surveillance security and has a manager who lives on-site. Choose from a variety of unit sizes that you can use to make ample room for storage unit organization to protect your property. Call Affordable Storage Fall River to get a quote on prices or to check for availability today!