8 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Fall

fall-cleaningThere’s nothing quite like the cool air, falling leaves and scents of fall to get you in the mood to clean and prepare your home for the coming holidays and gatherings of the season. As the heat of summer fades away and the air begins to feel crisp and clear, it’s time to get busy and start preparing your things for the cold weather and family activities to come. This list will help you to get organized and ready for the season.

#1 – Get Winter Gear Out of Storage
Using a local storage facility to keep all of your winter gear is a great idea for two main reasons: safety and ease of use. Winter gear, such as boots, sleds, shovels, snowmobiles, snow blowers and other vital equipment, should all be cleaned and prepared for storage before being taken to the local Affordable Storage in Fall River. Then, when fall comes around again the next year, the items will be clean and ready for use, without requiring any additional work on your part. Remove winter gear and replace it with summer gear, such as sports equipment, rafts, inner tubes, flippers, diving equipment or anything else your family uses during the warm months.

#2 – Get Winter Linens Out of Storage
Another great way to maximize the use of your self-storage unit is to keep all of your seasonal linens out of the way and ready for use when the weather changes. Use plastic bins and other protective storage gear to hold your heavy blankets, quilts, flannel sheets and other cold-weather linens until you need them the next year. Make sure all of these items are cleaned and prepared for storage and that you seal the containers carefully to ensure that moths or other pests don’t get inside. Choose a clean and well-maintained local storage facility, such as Affordable Storage in Fall River, for best results.

#3 – Clean the Hard-to-Reach Spots
Fall cleaning is a great time to get all those hard-to-reach spots, such as walls, ceilings and hallways. Summer dust can really build up after months of the screens up and your house open to the fresh air. Make sure to take advantage of all the attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner or use dust-trapping disposable cleaners on long telescopic poles to reach corners, baseboards and vaulted ceilings. Clean all of your woodwork at this time too to help get everything fresh and ready for the upcoming holiday season.

#4 – Special Care for Upholstery and Rugs
The dust and dirt of summer can also find its way into your upholstery and rugs. Removing the dust from your furniture will not only reduce allergens and keep your home smelling fresh and clean, but it will also help your furniture stay looking new longer. Vacuum your upholstery carefully to ensure that the fabric stays tight to the furniture. Use a rug and carpet cleaner to ensure that nothing gets missed. Consider hiring a professional to clean your furniture and rugs if needed.

#5 – Prepare Your Garden and Landscaping
Many people don’t realize all the work that goes into preparing a garden for the winter months. Cut down any vegetation from the summer season and add them to your compost pile. Cut back perennials after the first hard frost and cover any containers that will remain outdoors. Clean and collect all garden hoses, turn off the taps and take time to clean and care for your gardening tools before putting them away. If you do not have a storage shed or space to keep your gardening tools during the winter, consider keeping them in a local storage facility. Put your gardening tools, already cleaned and prepared for storage, into your storage when you get your winter items out for the season. This will help cut down on the amount of space you use for these things in your garage at home.

#6 – Put Up Storm Windows
Organization can be really helpful when it comes to replacing your summer screens with storm windows. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to mark each screen before you store it so you’ll know which window to put it in next year. Wipe down or hose off screens and dry before storing and then wipe down storm windows before installing so you won’t have to clean them when they are already on the house. Affordable Storage in Fall River is a clean, well-maintained facility that can be used to store your storm windows in the summer and protect your screens from damage in the winter. Consider using a local storage facility for your screens, storm windows, storm doors and other seasonal household equipment.

#7 – Unpack Your Winter Clothes
In addition to linens and winter gear, winter clothes should also be packed away each year to maximize closet space and to protect sweaters and things from pests. Use plastic packing bins to keep your items, or consider buying a clothing rack with a zip-up plastic enclosure to keep your clothes safe from moths and crickets. Affordable Storage in Fall River can also be used to keep your winter clothes safe until you need them, while providing space for spring and summer fashions in return. Check your local storage facility for prices and availability to help keep your home clean and organized year-round.

#8 – Protect Your Garden Furniture
All of the furniture that you use in the spring and summer should be protected from the freezing temperatures and weather of fall and winter. Wicker chairs, iron tables, BBQ grills and other types of furniture and items should be cleaned and prepared for storage and kept indoors. If you do not have room for these items, consider getting a space at your local storage facility. Ask about rules and safety tips for storing potentially hazardous items, such as grills or fire pits, to keep them safe.

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