9 Different Types of Self-Storage to Rent in Fall River, MA

Self Storage OptionsHave you ever needed just a little bit more room? More space to store those holiday decorations that you only use once a year; more space to save those out-grown outfits that your kids used to wear five years ago; more space to keep the furniture that you are no longer using, but can’t bear to part with – that’s where self-storage units can help the best. A lot of people rent storage space in Fall River for a lot of different reasons. Fortunately, there are just about as many options for storage as there are reasons. Whether you just want to reduce household clutter or if you are moving and downsizing, but want to keep your stuff, Affordable Storage in Fall River can help.

Choosing the Right Location
If you live in the Southeastern Massachusetts region, you want to find storage that is convenient and has the type of self-storage units and space you need. Affordable Storage is located in Fall River and has lots of options available, including secure outdoor RV storage. Built in 20013 from the ground up, our permanent self-storage units were designed with insulated ceilings to help prevent drastic temperature changes inside of the units. This helps to protect your belongings year-round.

Our new units feature the popular hinge-style doors that open to provide easier access for our customers. We have a wide range of sizes and pricing options to suit any need or budget. It is a great place to store your boat, vehicle or other recreational equipment in the off-season. Affordable Storage has some of the best prices in the area for rentals of self-storage units. We have nine basic price points for all of your storage needs, including secure outdoor RV storage when you rent storage space in Fall River at Affordable Storage.

Our storage options include:

  • 5′ x 5′ Storage – best option for totes, boxes and files, featuring a roll-up door
  • 5′ x 8′ Storage – smallest size available with a hinge-style door; great for personal or commercial storage opportunities
  • 5′ x 10′ Storage – ideal for storing up to one room of furniture; excellent for motorcycle storage in the off-season
  • 8′ x 7′ Storage – features a hinge-style door, provides slightly more space than the standard 5′ x 10′ storage space
  • 8′ x 10′ Storage – our largest hinge-style door space available; provides room for up to two rooms of furniture
  • 10′ x 10′ Storage – our most popular size unit by far; great choice for up to three rooms of furniture; also a good choice for two to three motorcycles or ATVs; used by individuals, contractors, commercial and small business owners
  • 10′ x 15′ Storage – this space can easily store as much as four to five rooms of furniture; great for in-between moving storage or real estate storage solutions, as well as for small business relocation storage opportunities
  • 10′ x 20′ Storage – our largest individual storage option; perfect for large homes, family storage, business storage, storage of multiple personal recreational vehicles or personal watercraft during the off-season
  • Secure Outdoor RV Storage – keep your automobiles, trucks, boats, RVs and other recreational vehicles in our on-site storage when not in-use

Protect Your Assets
It is important to make sure that your things are protected when they are out of your sight. When you choose a quality place to rent storage space in Fall River, such as Affordable Storage, you can feel safe and secure in knowing that your property will be protected. In addition to all of the safeguards that we offer on-site, such as video monitoring and on-site management, we also require all new storage rentals to add a mandatory tenant insurance coverage to each month’s rent. The coverage is just $10 a month, but it covers up to $1,000. If you require additional coverage, make sure to speak with one of our representatives.

Storage Business Owners Alliance-Tenant Insurance or SBOATI is the provider of the tenant insurance that we offer at Affordable Storage. Whether you are storing personal items or old baby clothes and decorations to reduce household clutter or if you want to use our self-storage units to store equipment and vehicles during the off-season, it make sense to insure your property with SBOATI Tenant Insurance.

Call Affordable Storage in Fall River
If you are interested in learning more about our self-storage units or if you want to rent storage space in Fall River, just give us a call at 508-675-1177. Our on-site manager and team of knowledgeable employees can help you choose the best size space for your storage needs. We can even take you on a tour of the facility and show you our secure outdoor RV storage area. Call today and see why so many locals in the South Coast area trust Affordable Storage for their asset storage needs.