A Beginner’s Guide to Renting Fall River Storage Units in MA

storage-guide-fall-riverThere are lots of reasons why people come to Affordable Storage in Fall River to rent storage units at our self storage facility. However, if you have never rented one of our Fall River storage units before, you might not know what to expect. Our website and blog contains tips that are designed to help you with everything from storage unit locks to learning what can and cannot be stored inside of your storage in Fall River, MA. Once you get the basics down, renting storage space and using it to your advantage, will be a piece of cake.

Identify Why You Need Storage Space
Before you head off to get some storage, make sure you stop and think about what you want to store, how long you need to store it and why you want to place your things in a self storage facility. There are different sizes of storage space available to choose from, as well as special options for larger items, such as boats, RVs, motorcycles and cars. Choose a company that can provide you the benefits that you need in a location that is convenient to you. Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA provides 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 days a year access to your things. We have an on-site manager and 24 hour security surveillance, in addition to an automatic gated entrance, keypad entry and even disk type storage unit locks for added strength and security at our clean and well maintained facility.

Some of the reasons people use Fall River storage units include:

  • temporary storage between homes or apartments
  • seasonal storage of holiday decorations, tools and equipment
  • storage of personal items and keepsakes
  • solutions for large furniture or antiques that are not needed, but want to be kept
  • short or long term storage of items for a child in college, the military or traveling overseas

Things That Can Be Stored in a Self Storage Facility
The best place to start is with a positive, including the things that can be placed into your Fall River storage units. Boxes of personal items, such as books or clothing or kitchen items that you would normally pack up during a move can all be stored inside our self storage facility. When you rent storage in Fall River, MA, make sure to ask for a list from the on-site manager about what can be stored inside the storage units.

If you have extremely valuable items that you are concerned about, or that are insured through your local insurance company, ask about disk style storage unit locks that can be added for extra security. Furniture, mattresses, small appliances, seasonal sports gear, holiday decorations, seasonal tools, decorative items, artwork and much more can all be safely stored inside of our self storage facility.

Make sure to ask about larger items that can also be stored, including RV, boats, motorcycles, personal watercraft, ATVs and even automobiles. Group and club discounts are available, so if you belong to a group that is related to some of these large items, make sure to speak with a representative at Affordable Storage Fall River about the offered discounts.

Things That Cannot Be Stored in a Self Storage Facility
There are some obvious things that you should never put into your Fall River storage units, such as living things like plants or animals. However, people who are new to using a self storage facility might not think about some of the other potential hazards that should never be placed inside of your storage space. Things that are flammable, such as paints, matches, oil of any kind, nail polish, nail polish remover, cleaning supplies, acid and fireworks should never be placed inside of a storage in Fall River, MA or anywhere else for that matter. Food should also never be placed in your self storage facility space. It can spoil and attract pests to your unit, as well as neighboring units, which can cause potential damage to some items.

While there is no rule against it, there are other items that should just not be placed into storage for your own benefit. Important documents and papers, such as legal documents, contracts and records, should also not be placed in Fall River storage units. Other irreplaceable items, such as family photos, birth certificates, family heirlooms and collections of rare artwork, sculptures, audio recordings and computers, should also not be placed into storage. Even in a facility that it well built and has a good security system, other pitfalls can occur in rare cases, such as leaks, fire or flooding caused by an extreme storm or weather conditions. Use your own good judgement before placing items in storage or keeping them anywhere that you are unable to be present with them at all times.

Call Affordable Storage in Fall River
If you are interested in renting space at a self storage facility in the South Coast area, which includes Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, contact Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA. We are an authorized Penske Truck rental provider as well, so we can help you with many aspects of your moving and storage needs. Ask about different sizes of Fall River storage units, RV storage and storage unit locks, to ensure that your things are properly protected year-round. Call today at 508-675-1177 for more information or to reserve a space!