Affordable Garage Storage and Tips for Fall River Storage Units

Affordable Garage StorageGarages are notoriously difficult to clean, organize and keep clean throughout the year. Every member of the family tends to tuck something out into the garage – storage boxes, holiday decorations, bicycles and sports equipment, off-season clothing – the barrage of stuff coming into your garage never seems to end. It is important to make sure that you keep your garage cleaned and organized so you will be able to find things when you need them and so you can actually park your car indoors in the event of a major storm.

One way to achieve all of these goals is through the use of affordable garage storage. You can get this at a local Fall River storage facility, where you can also find moving truck rentals of all sizes to help you get your stuff into storage. It is important to make sure that you orchestrate an organized move, labeling boxes properly and making arrangements to move them into storage to safeguard them when not in-use. Some of the best tips for storage units involve sorting, stacking, labeling and organizing your boxes and things according to how you might use them.

Step One: Take Everything Out
The best way to get yourself on track, find out what you’ve got and figure out what to put into the affordable garage storage, is to take it all out. Put it in your driveway, on your yard or anywhere that you have room to go through everything and choose what stays and what goes. Looking at your garage as a blank space can help you figure out whether you want to put in some storage shelving, if ceiling storage will work in your situation, and how much space you have for boxes and old furniture.

Step Two: Sort Through It All
Once you have everything out of your garage, take time to sort through your belongings. Throw out the things that you no longer want or need; make a box of items to donate to a local charity; pack boxes with things that you want to store; and think about what you want to keep stored in the garage for convenience. Many homeowners will sort items by season, particularly in the northeastern states where the seasons are fairly defined. Not just holiday decorations, but clothing, sports equipment, kids toys, vacation items and gardening tools, can all be divided up by the seasons in which they are used. Color-coding, effective labeling techniques and other tips for storage units can be used to help you rotate your seasonal items as you need them and properly store them when you don’t.

Step Three: Make Realistic Goals
What are your goals for your garage? Do you want to be able to park one or both of your vehicles inside? Do you want to use it to store a boat or recreational vehicle? Would you like to create a workshop where you can work on projects year-round? Whatever your goals, make sure to be realistic about the amount of space that you have to work with and your ability to keep things clean and neat so you can achieve them. Your local Fall River storage facility can even help you store off-season recreational vehicles, boats, RVs and much more, to help you make more space at home. Our affordable garage storage rates and simple moving truck rentals, makes it easy to transport and store your belongings to our South Coast location.

Step Four: Go Vertical
As you make plans to store some things at your home that won’t be in the storage units at the Fall River storage facility, think about going vertical, as in straight up from the floor to the ceiling. Storage shelving units can be extremely helpful, both in your garage and your affordable garage storage unit at the off-site facility. Bicycle racks that can be placed on the walls, as well as vertical tool storage units, can keep things you use frequently easily accessible, while getting them up off the ground and out of the way. Creating a place for everything – and putting everything in its rightful place – makes it easy to keep your garage clean, neat and organized year-round. Open shelving, closed cabinets, move-able storage racks – whatever fits your needs and your budget, use them to help get everything up off the floor and put away neatly.

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