Best Tips to Use Fall River Storage Units to Your Advantage

storage-tipsWhen most people think about renting space at a secure storage facility, they think about moving stuff in temporarily between a move or storing things that they no longer have room for at home. However, there are lots of reasons why people use our Fall River storage units. There are also lots of tips to help you maximize your experience and ability to store items at our facility. From getting the right type of storage unit locks to using moving truck rentals to shorten your load and unloading time, there are many ways to make using a storage unit even better.

Tip #1 – Proper Packing
The first thing you can do to make things easier on yourself is to pack everything properly. While a secure storage facility is designed to protect your items from dust, exposure to weather and other things, there is no place that is 100 percent guaranteed to not have an incident due to extreme weather or other situations. Even if you were to store these items at home in a garage, closet or shed, it is important to take the right precautions to protect your things. Packing your items with boxes, plastic bins, bubble wrap, tissue paper, plastic wrap, and even by using pallets to keep your items up and off the floor, can do wonders for protecting your things above and beyond the typical storage unit user.

Tip #2 – Use Good Locks
Speak with the manager at your Fall River storage units about the type of storage unit locks they recommend for their facility. Standard locks may be provided, but the better quality of the lock that you have, the better your things will be protected. Most facilities have on-site management and 24-hour video surveillance, but there’s nothing quite like good quality storage unit locks to provide the best layer of defense against unauthorized persons accessing your stuff. Your things were valuable enough for you to want to place them in a secure storage facility, why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to protect them once they are there?

Tip #3 – Label Everything
If nothing else holds true, as soon as you put things in storage you will likely need to find them. But if you put everything into your Fall River storage units in identical boxes, how are you going to find what you need? Rather than unpacking everything just to get one little item, make sure to label everything in a way that makes sense to you. Some people label by room – living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. to narrow things down. Others use a legal pad and write down every item that is in every box and then label each box with an alpha-numerical system (A1, B2, etc.) so they can locate a specific item right away without spending an entire afternoon searching.

Tip #4 – Remember the Seasons
If you are storing your items away in the summer, you might not be thinking about hold cold it got in the South Coast area this past winter. Same goes for storing things in the winter when it’s freezing cold, as it’s hard to think about how hot it gets in the summer. Things that can melt, such as candles, or warp, such as vinyl records and fade, such as old family photos, should all be stored properly to protect them from hot temperatures and humid weather. Things that can be affected by extremely cold temperatures need to be safeguarded against as well. Speak with the manager at your secure storage facility for year-round tips for keeping specific items safe while in their storage units.

Tip #5 – Stack for Success
Learn the proper way of stacking your boxes and belongings as you move them in moving truck rentals and how you keep them in the storage. Heavier boxes should be on the bottom, while lighter boxes should be stacked on top. This will prevent lighter and more fragile items from being crushed so something heavy won’t fall on them. Some people will even use metal shelving units to protect smaller boxes and valuable items while they are in storage. Speak with the manager at your Fall River storage units to learn other great ideas for stacking and proper storage of your items to maximize your space and your experience.

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