Downsizing? Storage Units in Fall River, MA Can Help You Out

downsizingThere are many different stages in our lives where we might need to downsize our belongings in order to accommodate changes in our living arrangements or lifestyle. Moving from home to go to college is when it begins and it doesn’t end until we are at a senior phase in our lives. Learning how to effectively downsize, reduce household clutter and take advantage of your local self storage facility is a great way to get the job done without sacrificing your important belongings. While you might not need all of the things you own year round every single day, there are things that are worth hanging onto for sentimental reasons, as family heirlooms or seasonal things that you might not need year-round, but could need certain months of the year.

The “Empty Nest”
A house can fill up with all sorts of furniture, toys and accessories when we have and raise children. When they move out and go out into the world on their own, it can be a period of change in the lives of parents. Empty rooms – or worse, rooms still filled with stored belongings of children away at college or who don’t have room for everything in their new apartments – can mean a shift in the way that the home is used. Some people add an exercise room or a home office to fill up the space, while others create guest rooms for returning children and their families in the future. However you decide to use the new space, storage units in Fall River, MA can be a great way to store the things you don’t need, but don’t really want to throw away either.

Sometimes couples will sell the family home and downsize completely into a smaller house. Not needing all the extra bedrooms for the kids, a self storage facility can be used for storing extra furniture and other items as they adjust to life in a smaller structure. Tips for storage units being used for middle-aged or older clients who need to temporarily or semi-permanently store items that they are no longer using on a daily basis can include proper packing, stacking and use of the facility to help reduce household clutter and make the most out of the new space. Taking the time to clean up, toss unwanted items, donate things you no longer need and stow things you want to save in a self storage facility can help you start a fresh new season of your life.

Retirement Move
Some people decide to move to a retirement or 55+ senior community when they retire so they can take advantage of all the amenities, such as golf, swimming pools, senior centers and other group or community activities. Retirement communities often have smaller one or two bedroom homes and condominiums that have less closet space, no garages and no other storage space within the home. Lower monthly payments or rent, as well as less upkeep is part of the allure to moving into a retirement community.

In addition to furniture, clothing and memories, many people who move into a retirement community, many people need to store larger items that may not be allowed on the 55+ property. Items, such as RVs, boats, ATVs, trailers, extra vehicles and much more. Affordable Storage in Fall River is a self storage facility that also has space for larger recreational items allows you to keep the things you want even if you don’t have space at your new residence.

What to Keep, What to Store
One of the best tips for storage units during downsizing is to make a list of all the things that you want to keep and take with you to your new place or keep inside your home. Then make a list of things that you want to place inside of a self storage facility that you may use later if your living situation changes or things that are dependent on the season. You might also want to make a list of things that you will no longer need or use because of changes in your lifestyle, such as gardening or landscaping tools in a 55+ community where the property is already taken care of by professionals.

If your kids are moving out, make a list of the things that they are going to take with them so you don’t throw out or donate anything that they might want. If they can’t take items with them right away, have them rent space at the storage units in Fall River, MA so their things won’t take up valuable space in your home. Go over the list with them so there aren’t any miscommunications. You don’t want to be dragging their things with you when you move if they can just place their things at the self storage facility and then access them as they need them or remove them when they are ready.

Affordable Storage in Fall River Can Help
If you are downsizing for any reason, the self storage facility at Affordable Storage Fall River can help. Whether your goal is to reduce household clutter, move to a smaller place, make room for a new room inside of your home or move your kids’ stuff out, we have tips for storage units and lots of space to help you achieve your goals. Give us a call at 508-675-1177 for more information about our facility or to reserve space for storage.