Fall River Fire Safety: Storage and Garage Organization Tips

fall-fire-safetyThere are two things you can count on each year when autumn comes to New England: falling leaves and an undeniable urge to organize and clean your home. What is it about the change of seasons that makes even the most unorganized person feel like doing a little nesting and housekeeping? Whether your goal is to achieve the ultimate garage organization, putting away all the spring and summer tools, while making way for the shovels, snow blowers and fun winter recreation equipment you’ll need in the snow, or you are interested in organizing the inside of your home, this is the article for you.

When you are young and you move around the northeastern region as you try to “find yourself” and figure out where you belong, there is a natural shedding of things you no longer want or need. Moving is a great way to clean house, getting rid of the things you suddenly decide you just don’t want to move from “point A” to “point B” any longer by tossing them, donating them or selling them to someone else. However, if you own your own home and have lived there for even just a couple of years, you have likely noticed an unnatural accumulation of “junk”, for lack of a better word, and no real way to get rid of it.

Making the Move to Affordable Storage Fall River

One way to “trick” yourself into letting go of all those old things you don’t want or need is to commit to making a move to Affordable Storage Fall River in your attempt to organize your home. Affordable garage storage for all those spring and summer items you won’t be using can be a great way to stow things out of your way to make room for all the fall and winter tools you will need and all the fun winter equipment you can’t wait to use! Whether you go all out and rent a moving truck as part of your storage unit organization project, or you just throw boxes and things in the back of your own truck or SUV, setting a time and date for your move to storage and going all out to get the storage unit locks, boxes and organizational tools that you will need, will help you to be successful.

Start at home by creating three piles or using four large boxes to collect your items that will be sorted by STORAGE, DONATE, TOSS and SELL. You may want to use plastic bins or another type of reinforced storage box for the items that you want to include in your storage unit organization project. As part of your at-home garage organization, make sure to put the things you want to keep at home away in their proper place. For example, as you find all of the tools that you and your family misplaced throughout the year, put them in the tool box. As you find all of the gardening tools that you left lying around the yard and shed, clean them and put them away for even better organization within your affordable garage storage unit.

Why Fire Safety is Important

During the fall season we also often think about fire safety. October is “National Fire Safety Month” in the United States and it’s a great time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors, check to make sure your fire extinguishers are in proper working order and go through the items in your garage and home to make sure there is nothing flammable or dangerous that is stored or kept improperly. It is also important to make sure that you don’t put anything into your affordable garage storage unit that would be considered flammable. Most storage facilities like Affordable Storage Fall River have a set of rules that you must follow, such as using proper storage unit locks and only storing approved items, such as non-flammable things as part of your storage unit organization project.

Some examples of things you should NEVER store include:

  • flammable liquids (alcohol, paint, gasoline, lighter fluid, turpentine, thinner, etc.)
  • equipment with gasoline or oil (drain lawnmowers, weed whackers and other
  • equipment before storing in a storage unit, shed or your garage over the winter)
  • gardening materials (fertilizers, poisons, weed killers, etc.)
  • hazardous items (fireworks, ammunition, narcotics, corrosives, chemicals, etc.)
  • greasy or oil rags

Other things that you should never store inside your home, garage or storage unit organization include waste, such as toxic, biological or hazardous waste; food items that might attract insects, rodents or other pests; and appliances that are still plugged-in to a wall socket, such as space heaters, fans or wood-working equipment. If you aren’t going to be using it and are putting it away, unplug the cords, extension cords and anything else that gives the appliances access to electricity and store them safely while not in-use. Most of this is common sense, but sometimes people just don’t think about what items could be potentially dangerous to store with regard to fire or other serious threats to safety.

The Ultimate Garage Organization at Affordable Storage Fall River

If you are looking for more tips on storage unit organization, purchasing top quality storage unit locks and other affordable garage storage solutions, look no further than the Affordable Storage Fall River blog. Our team has provided tons of great tips, ideas and storage suggestions that will help you to keep your home, garage and storage unit organized all year-round. To find out about available storage space or moving truck rentals, give us a call at 508-675-1177.