Fall River Self Storage Facility: Business Storage Solutions

business-storageWhen most people think about renting storage units in Fall River, they often thinking about people storing personal belongings while remodeling a home, in between a move or when downsizing their home. However, one of most frequent clients to use a self storage facility is the business owner. Small business owners, mid-sized businesses and even larger companies all rely on self-storage units at one time or another as their business model changes and grows.

A Valuable Resource
When you are leasing space to run your business, there are certain times when you won’t have enough room to store everything you need to maintain or grow your business. From business records to excess inventory, old office furniture and extra equipment that you might not need now but could in the near future, it is important to have room to store it all.

In some situations, you might just need to use a local self storage facility on a temporary basis. The holiday season can often mean large amounts of merchandise and products on-site, leaving little space to hold extra workstations, display furniture and off-season decorations. Using self-storage units to hold the things you don’t need and transporting them via a Penske truck rental in Fall River from your store to the facility can help relieve some of the stress and give you the space you need to better serve your customers.

Businesses that are in the middle of expanding, yet aren’t quite ready to lease a larger commercial space, can use storage units in Fall River to keep things they aren’t using or as an extra warehouse space for products that are in-demand. It is important to stay on top of commercial trends and make sure that you have enough merchandise in stock to keep up with the wants and needs of your customer base. Self-storage units can really help you to keep your inventory available with 24 hour, 7 day a week access in a secure, well-lit facility.

Businesses That Use Self-Storage Units
There are a lot of different businesses that rely on the use of the Affordable Storage self storage facility and Penske truck rental in Fall River. Below is a short list of just some of the business customers that take advantage of self-storage units to maintain or expand their business in the South Coast area.

  • RESTAURANTS – As a restaurant owner, it is important to stay ahead of consumer trends. Getting a great deal on pizza boxes ahead of the busy football season can be a real money saver on your overhead costs, but finding room for them at your store can be a challenge. Using storage units in Fall River to store boxes, paper products and other materials that are instrumental in the daily operation of your local restaurant can help you take advantage of big sales and bulk purchasing deals, without overcrowding your store.
  • LEGAL FIRMS – Despite the fact that most everything can be submitted or kept on computers in a digital format, there is still a lot of paperwork and case files that must be kept on record by the average legal firm. You can haul entire file cabinets full of old case files via our Penske truck rental in Fall River to our self-storage units so you can keep the required paperwork, without it taking over your office. Affordable Storage has 24-hour on-site management and security, helping all of our customers feel confident and safe in their decision to use our self storage facility for their important documents.
  • RETAIL STORES – The commercial retail industry is always growing, changing and evolving. Seasonal displays, decorations and even inventory can quickly fill your on-site storage space. Self-storage units are a great way for retail stores to make sure they have enough merchandise available to meet the needs of their customers, without having to sacrifice valuable workspace at their shop. Keeping products properly stored and organized for easy access during a big sale is easy with our always open storage units in Fall River.

Contractors, on-the-road sales companies, web-based businesses, construction companies, movers, real estate agents, property management companies and more can all benefit from the use of the Affordable Storage self storage facility in Fall River. To find out more about the various self-storage units we have available or to learn more about our RV, vehicle and boat storage opportunities, give us a call. Our staff can help you choose the best size self-storage units for your needs and give you all the inside information you require about how to access your storage space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.