Fall River Self Storage: Smart Ideas for Packing Your Stuff

smart-packing-ideasWhenever you need to pack and move your stuff, it’s almost as though you need to learn all over from scratch how to use boxes, tape and wrapping material. It’s not like they are complicated, but because most people don’t use them often, it can be a challenge putting together the first couple of boxes and packing everything inside. Whether you are moving to a new location or putting some of your things into a self storage facility, it is important to pack your things properly to keep them safe and clean. Even if they are just stacked up inside storage in Fall River, MA in a locked unit, you want to make sure that everything stays in good condition and is protected from anything that could possibly go wrong.

Here are some ideas that will help you to properly pack your things for storage. Remember, they will need to be transported via a van or moving truck rentals, so things could jiggle and move around quite a bit on the way. Making sure that your valuable items, furniture, collectibles or anything else that you want to store are protected and secure is a great way to make sure that everything is in good condition when you unpack and unload after you bring everything back out of the self storage facility.

Smart Idea #1 – Get Good Boxes

So many people want to go cheap on the boxes, but they are really your first line of defense in protecting your belongings. Don’t get free boxes from the local paper, especially if you will be storing your things for any length of time. You never know where free boxes have been stored. They could have mold, mildew or bugs, putting your stuff at risk for damage or infestation. Instead, purchase your boxes from a big box warehouse store, a moving company or from another trusted source. Make sure your boxes are new, strong and durable enough to be able to hold up for a long period of time under the weight of other boxes and the things that are stored inside. Look into specialty boxes for things like televisions, hanging clothes, artwork and other valuable items. Consider using plastic bins whenever possible to protect special items, such as collectibles, things from your childhood or other important things that you want to save.

Smart Idea #2 – Use Wrapping Materials

Before you pack your things into boxes to take to the self storage facility, take time to wrap and protect them properly. Whenever possible, wrap things in plastic, especially if they are fragile. Use bubble wrap for even more protection and look into special protection wrapping, such as plastic bags that can be sealed for various mattress sizes. Don’t use trash bags to pack pillows, linens and clothing. Trash bags are designed to degrade and break up over time in the landfill. Plastic trash bags will also trap humidity, leading to mold and mildew growth. Put these things into vacuum sealed bags that will protect your soft items from moisture and humidity.

Smart Idea #3 -Use a Lot of Tape

Don’t get stingy with the tape. Tape up your things tightly to make sure nothing gets inside. This will protect your things from dust, dirt, spills and exposure to insects or other pests. Make sure that the bottoms of the boxes are just as taped and secure as the tops. Buy twice as much tape as you think you will need – it never hurts to be prepared.

Smart Idea #4 – Protect Your Furniture

Before you bring put your furniture into moving truck rentals to bring to storage in Fall River, MA, make sure to protect it with packing material. Cover couches and tables with old quilts or moving blankets to protect them from getting scratched or dinged during the moving process to your self storage facility. Take off any parts that could become damaged in moving or in storage, such as table legs shelving supports or other moving and thin parts. Use shelving units to store smaller items to keep them safe, but make sure to protect your shelving from scratches and dings as well.

Smart Idea #5 – Learn How to Pack Properly

There are good ways to pack boxes and bad ways to pack boxes. Make sure that all of your boxes are filled completely. Half-filled boxes are more likely to crumble or get crushed in storage. If there is too much empty space, fill up the box with packing peanuts or another type of packing material to keep them safe. Mark boxes with clear labels so you can find what you need in the self storage facility if you need it half way through the storage period. Add labels to the sides of boxes too – not just the top so you will be able to easily see what’s inside when you look at your stacks of stored items. Mark fragile or lightweight boxes so they can be stacked on top of heavier items – not the other way around.

Smart Idea #6 – Get Good Storage Unit Locks

Most self storage facility units allow you to bring your own locks. This is a huge advantage because it allows you to choose quality storage unit locks instead of being stuck with whatever the storage in Fall River, MA uses. Ask the manager if there are any special types of storage unit locks that he recommends based on the type of unit and door mechanism. If the facility sells locks, take a look at their offering of storage unit locks to see how they measure up to whatever you were thinking of buying.

Smart Idea #7 – Play Tetris with Your Stuff

One way to save space and maximize the room in your self storage facility unit is to store large pieces of furniture vertically. Only do this if you are sure it won’t damage the furniture if it is stored that way for a long period of time. You can also stack love seats on top of sofas or chairs on top of chairs. Washers and dryers, as well as other appliances, can also be stacked in some situations. Make sure to do this carefully so that nothing will fall over while it is unattended in the unit storage in Fall River, MA and cause damage.

Where to Get Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA

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