Fall River Self-Storage: The Advantages of Temporary Storage

Temporary Storage Unit in Fall RiverWhen you require purposeful storage for your personal or business assets, it pays to use quality self-storage units at a local facility. Important decisions are required to choose the best storage in Fall River, MA or the surrounding area, both to protect your belongings and make sure that the facility is convenient enough for you to visit on an as-needed basis. There are many reasons why people use Fall River storage units. Some use them to temporarily store items between a move, while others use them to store items on a seasonal basis, switching things out between spring, summer, fall and winter. Still, there are some who store furniture and other items during a real estate sale, as well as businesses who use self-storage units to house extra stock in anticipation of a holiday rush or sale season.

Whatever your reason for considering renting Fall River storage units at Affordable Storage, make sure that you properly assess the things that you need to store, to ensure that you get enough space. Should you require a way to move things from point A to point B, we are also an authorized Penske Truck rental in Fall River. Our 24-hour a day, 7-day a week on-site management and video monitoring security ensure that your belongings are safeguarded when out of your sight. Sturdy, well-designed and clean storage units help to further protect your things from dust, dirt and debris while they are temporarily stowed until they are needed. Whether you need storage for several weeks or several months, Affordable Storage in Fall River can help you to achieve your goals.

Get Organized for Best Results
Don’t make the age-old storage unit mistake by just tossing everything into boxes or bins and putting it away. Out of sight often translates to out of mind, and when you need something that you have placed into self-storage units, you might not be able to find it easily unless you have a plan for organization. Create an inventory of all the things you want to put into our Fall River storage units. You can organize boxes by the room that they came from, label them in a manner that best suits your organizational skills, and keep track of where things are located inside the storage in Fall River, MA so you can find it in minutes instead of in hours.

Other tips for staying organized with self-storage units include:

  • creating an inventory checklist that coordinates with properly numbered or lettered boxes for easily retrieval
  • taking photographs of everything that will be placed into storage for easy retrieval and for insurance purposes; list the approximate value of all items in case you need to replace anything
  • consider purchasing extra insurance for self-storage units through the storage facility or your own insurance broker
  • determine if you need a Penske Truck rental in Fall River, or if you will be moving items in your personal or business vehicle
  • figure out how much space you will need and find out what is available in the way of Fall River storage units at your desired facility
  • ask about rules regarding rental of self-storage units and truck rentals, including what items can and cannot be stored, the monthly cost for storage in Fall River, MA and the minimum length of contract, such as month-to-month, six months or annual agreements

Get Ready for Storage
Another great tip is to prepare your belongings for storage, by cleaning things that need to be cleaned and providing extra protection for things that need to be protected. Go beyond basic moving boxes and packing tape, purchasing plastic bins, specialty containers, large zip bags that remove all of the air, and other all-weather protection options. Any appliances should be thoroughly cleaned and properly stored to prevent mold and mildew growth. Remember to ensure that there are no food items or other things that might attract pests to your unit. Even the best pest control can’t overcome sloppy storage habits and rotting food.

Wrap furniture, provide cushion for breakable items, properly wrap valuable things and then place everything strategically inside the self-storage units to prevent falling boxes, tipped items and other common issues. You can store items up on pallets to provide even more protection from minor flooding or other extreme weather conditions. Place heavy items on the bottom and lighter-weight items on the top to prevent crushing. Use words like “heavy”, “fragile,” and “special” to denote things that should be handled with care. Think about strategies for accessing your things inside the storage. Consider bringing in a standing shelving unit to place small or fragile boxes for extra protection and place items that you likely won’t need to retrieve on a regular basis toward the back.

Contact Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA
If you are in need of self-storage units, either on a semi-permanent or temporary basis, contact Affordable Storage by calling 508-675-1177. Our staff can help you find the best Fall River storage units and options to suit your needs. We even have RV, boat, motorcycle and car storage on-site, as well as Penske Truck rentals in Fall River to help facilitate your move. Call today for a FREE quote on our storage in Fall River, MA or to learn more about our clean and well maintained facility.