Fall River Storage: How to Pick the Best Storage Unit Locks

storage-locksOne of the most widely asked questions from those who are new to using a secure storage facility is, “what type of lock is best?” This is especially true for individuals who are going to be putting their things into a storage unit for long term use, particularly those who will be moving away from the area or go out of the country. This is an understandable question, especially if you won’t be checking on your unit often, and one that most managers of Fall River storage units are ready to answer.

Tips for Better Storage Security

While the security provided at most self storage facilities will be adequate for protecting your storage unit through the use of video surveillance, fencing and 24/7 on-site staff, having quality storage unit locks is always a good investment. If you aren’t sure what type will work with your brand new unit at the Affordable Storage Fall River secure storage facility, make sure to ask the manager. Otherwise, take a look at the types of storage unit locks that are sold today that are outlined below, for a wide range of options. Chances are that something will suit both your budget and your needs.

The type of storage unit locks that can be used on a particular unit will be dependent on the type of door and handle that you wil be using. Most of your local storage units will suggest certain type of locks and can answer any questions that you might have, as storage and security is their primary business. If you still aren’t sure, read some online reviews or get input from others who have experience using a secure storage facility on a regular basis.

  • Disc Locks – A lot can be said about using disc locks for your secure storage facility unit. As a matter of fact, disc locks are often seen on tips for better storage as one of the top choices available. While a disc lock looks very similar to a traditional lock, it is made in a round shape or a disc, which makes it difficult to break into. You can find disc locks at hardware stores, home improvement stores and other big box stores, with prices ranging from $10-50 or more, depending on the quality of the lock.
  • Cylinder Locks – This type of lock is often used on the front door of a home. It is called a cylinder lock because when a key is inserted and turned, the bolt is moved through the cylinder in the mechanism to gain entry. These locks cannot be cut by bolt cutters, but they can be very difficult to size and fit. Ask your storage unit manager before even thinking about investing in cylinder storage unit locks, which can range between $10-100.
  • One-Time Padlocks – In the disposable world that we live in, we even have one-time use padlocks. This type of lock is extremely secure and is recommended as tips for better storage for renters who will not be visiting the storage for months at a time. It is the best storage unit locks for those who are moving out of the area or going out of the country, such as the military, students going abroad or temporary job re-locations. The only way this lock can be opened is to cut it open. This way you know that no one has used a key, picked the lock or figured out your combination to gain access.
  • Traditional Padlocks – This type of storage unit locks is the most commonly used of them all. The traditional u-shaped padlock is very cheap and can be purchased just about anywhere. Unfortunately, because these locks are so cheap and common, they are also the least secure of them all. One way to upgrade this type of lock is to get what is known as a “closed shackle padlock,” which has a heavy-duty cover over the u-shaped section of the lock, which reduces security risks.

The Worst Ideas for Storage Unit Locks

So now that we have covered the best options available for your secure storage facility storage unit locks, its time to look at some of the worst ideas that have actually been used by renters are local Fall River storage units. By looking at what “not to do,” you have a unique chance to gain real-life tips for better storage security that you can use right now and again in the future.

  • Zip Ties – Yep, someone did that. Perhaps the theory is that once you cinch a zip tie, you can’t un-cinch it. Unfortunately they can be easily cut with scissors, nail clippers, a pocket knife or pretty much any slightly sharp object. Unfortunately, there are some people who think zip ties are a great idea for cheap storage unit locks.
  • Duct Tape – While there are many uses for duct tape in the real work, it is not a viable option for locking your unit at a secure storage facility.
  • Rope – It doesn’t matter how good you are at creating the perfect maritime knots, using rope is not a good solution for storage unit locks at your Fall River storage units.
  • Wire – While it is easy to see a theme here, “locking storage units with whatever you happen to have on hand,” using wire to “lock” your unit is not a smart or recommended option for even the most secure storage facility.

Where to Get the Best Fall River Storage Units

If you are looking to rent space at a secure storage facility in the Fall River area, visit Affordable Storage Fall River. Great rates, lots of space size options – even storage for RVs, boats and other personal vehicles and watercraft. Call Affordable Storage today to find out more about our rates and availability. Read more of our tips for better storage so you’ll be ready to safely store your things in our secure storage facility.