Fall River Storage Units: How to Make Room for Adult Children

So you have some kids, raise those kids, send them off to college, and then help them move away. They get married, have their own kids, and then tragedy strikes – returning them back home to live with you again. For those who have temporarily experienced the “empty nest” syndrome only to receive “boomerang” kids who come back to live, it can be a challenge. What did you do with your child’s bedroom when they moved out? Chances are you turned it into a home gym, craft room, guest room, home office, or some other type of useful space. Now they are home and it’s time to make room, but what do you do with your stuff?

Affordable Storage in Fall River
The best solution is to rent storage space in Fall River to safeguard and keep all of your things while your adult children live in your home. Even if they are only there for a few months, it is better to get a Penske Truck rental in Fall River and move your things to a self-storage facility. Also suggest that your adult child get some storage space as well to avoid having everything they own end up in your home. Depending on how long they were gone, they could have accumulated a lot of stuff. You don’t want to try and cram two households under one roof, as it will lead to overcrowding and resentments.

Take care to properly pack and move your belongings to the Fall River storage units. Don’t just toss everything in a box and hope it works out. You can get packing supplies from Affordable Storage Fall River, where you can also rent a Penske Truck, gain access to moving equipment, and get information on different types of storage options. In fact, Affordable Storage also offers year-round storage for automobiles, motorcycles, personal watercraft, boats, RVs, and much more. So if you have anything else that you need to store away from your home on a temporary or seasonal basis, be sure to ask.

Welcoming Them Home
While it is important to welcome your adult children home, it is important to avoid falling back into the typical parent-child relationship during their stay. Create a laundry chart to avoid frustrations with the washer and dryer, making sure that your adult child gets his or her own laundry soap, fabric softener, and other laundry supplies. The same goes with dishes. Chances are that with one or more people moving back into the house that the amount of dishes in the sink will at least double. Take turns doing dishes and establish rules about leaving glasses or empty plates around the house.

Go ahead and let your adult child have their own room back, but make sure they know that they are responsible for keeping it clean and neat. Don’t allow boxes to be stacked and stored in the room. Provide time to unpack and get settled, but make sure that they rent storage space in Fall River for anything they don’t need. Encourage them to use their own towels and other items to avoid over-use of your things during their stay. If possible, put a limit on the amount of time that they can live in the house. Sit down together and set a goal. Depending on the reason why they came home, they may need more or less time.

Living Together As Adults
Having your children move back home and living together with them as adults is a lot different than when they lived in your home as young adults. This is especially true if they bring a spouse, partner, or children with them as well. You need to respect their relationship and not treat them as a child. However, it is just as important that they do not treat you as a doormat and give you respect as the homeowner and final say on anything that they want to do in the home.

If rent will be paid, try to keep that removed from your relationship as much as possible. Agree on a term before they move in and ask that they give you an envelope or do a bank transfer by a certain date each month to avoid having to be a debt collector in your own home. Again, anything you can do to avoid conflict and resentment from building will be to everyone’s benefit. Taking advantage of Fall River storage units can really help to reduce stress associated with there being too much stuff in the house, garage, or shed.

Contact Affordable Storage in Fall River
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