Fall River Storage Units: Solutions for Small Business Owners

Small Business Owner Storage SolutionsThere are many reasons why small or even mid-sized business owners might be in need of space at Affordable Storage in Fall River. In fact, we have many commercial clients who come to our self-storage facility, either on a temporary or ongoing basis. One of the keys to using our Fall River storage units to your advantage is to learn all you can about storage unit organization so you can quickly find what you need without spending too much time inside the storage unit. The whole goal of using storage is to make your work space more effective and efficient. You want to keep the ball rolling on efficiency and carry it over into your space at our self-storage facility.

Reasons to Use Commercial Storage
You might be thinking that your business won’t need to use our Fall River storage units, but you might be surprised at all of the incidents, situations and occasions when having access to affordable storage in Fall River has come in handy for local business owners. If you find that you need more room for your business – whether your need a little or a lot – make sure to check out our self-storage facility to see if it’s right for you. The cost to rent additional space is much lower than what it would cost to relocate your business to a larger space or, in most cases, to rent storage on-site at your location. So if keeping overhead costs to a minimum is a real priority, you will want to see what we have to offer.

Some other reasons why businesses of all sizes use our Fall River storage units can include:

  • storage space for excess stock prior to a big sale or promotion
  • more room for home-based offices that are growing
  • during a relocation of a business
  • storing seasonal items, displays, decorations and furniture
  • during a remodel, renovation or redecoration of your office space
  • to keep excess items during downsizing

Storage Unit Organization
The best way to keep your Fall River storage units clean and organized is to start out by being clean and organized. You can bring in storage shelves, bins and any other type of tools that will help you to keep everything in order. One way to get started is to make a list of all of the things that you will be placing inside of the units at Affordable Storage in Fall River. This will help you figure out the size of the Fall River storage units you will need and this list can also be used to help you keep everything organized and know where things are stored. As you pack boxes or bins for storage, mark each one with a large, permanent marker, providing a box letter and/or number, which can be used to track down specific items, should they be needed.

This will help you keep an accurate inventory of your assets so they can be accounted for or retrieved throughout the term that you are using the storage space. You can use a spreadsheet program to keep track of all these items or use a simple legal pad to write it all down. Whatever works best for you and your storage unit organization methods. If you will be storing items long term, consider using printable stickers with scan-able QR codes or barcodes that can be used to quickly locate items. This is a good method for storage unit organization, as well as organization at your office or place of business.

Proper Packing is Also Important
Packing up your business assets for storage at a self-storage facility is drastically different from packing up personal items. Some items are of high value, such as computers and other technical equipment, so care must be taken to protect them during storage at our Fall River storage units. Smart packing is also part of storage unit organization, as it can help you to protect and locate your items in one simple step. Speak with our on-site manager at Affordable Storage Fall River about boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape and other materials that you can purchase to use for protecting your commercial belongings.

Some basic tips for packing specific commercial items include:

  • placing computers inside of specialty secure boxes with proper packing materials and insulation
  • protecting files, photos, documents and other paperwork inside of appropriate cartons and kept on shelving units to keep them up and off the ground for added protection
  • use moving blankets and other padding materials to protect any office furniture that will be stored
  • get organizational tips from the on-site self-storage facility manager for maximizing your space
  • use original packaging or purchase special packaging for flat panel TV screens, copy machines, printers and other high value equipment

Contact Affordable Storage Fall River
If you are interested in learning more about business solutions available at our self-storage facility, give us a call at 508-675-1177. Our on-site manager will call you and answer any questions that you might have about our Fall River storage units, storage unit organization, and our facility. We have 24-hour security surveillance, automatic gated entrances and keypad entry, disk locks are available for added strength and security, and access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year. Call today to find out about availability or to learn more about Affordable Storage Fall River.