Fall River Storage Units: Tips for Keeping Your Storage Safe

storage-safetyWhen you decide to rent storage space in Fall River to keep your belongings, it is important to choose a secure storage facility that you can trust. Selecting a facility that has on-site management, 24-hour surveillance video monitoring and automatic gated entrances complete with keypad entry will go a long way toward protecting your valuables. Affordable Storage Fall River provides all of that and more to our clients, even making disk storage unit locks available for added strength and security for those who desire it.

Increased Crime Nationwide

No matter where you live, whether right here in the South Coast region or out in the southwestern states, crime is on the rise nationwide. If you have ever been a victim to burglary, you know how frustrating it can be. Not only do you lose things that you value, but it takes an emotional toll as well. Many years ago, burglaries at storage units were very high. They were targeted because they were easy to access and left alone at night unwatched. However, changes and advances made in the way that security services are provided and opportunities for local secure storage facility units to increase visibility through video cameras and limited access entry, have changed things considerably.

In addition to all of the security efforts put forth by the secure storage facility, as a renter, you have obligations as well. Make sure to follow some of the basic rules for safe storage listed below, especially if you will be storing items of value. Some people keep things for sentimental value, such as old baby clothes, toys, grandma’s china tea set, etc. The value is determined by the importance that a person gives the items, not just the dollar value. So in many cases, things from our past have more value than collectible items that can be sold for big bucks. The problem with those items is that they cannot be replaced. So in many ways, protecting those items is even more important.

What You Can Do

Before you put your items into your Fall River storage units, take stock of what you will be storing. Make sure that everything is packed properly to ensure that it is protected while inside the secure storage facility. When you rent storage space in Fall River, find out if you can bring in metal shelving units that can be used to stack your boxes to protect your belongings even further. This is a great way to keep everything up off the ground and make it easier to find things when you need them.

Using the right kind of boxes and packing materials is also important. Choose plastic bins with tight locking lids to keep moisture out of important things, such as wedding dresses or christening gowns. Store those special items up on top of the shelving unit or on top of heavier items for even more protection. Storage unit locks are often provided by the secure storage facility, but if they are not, make sure to choose the best lock available. Affordable Storage Fall River storage units sells disc locks, a heavy duty, top of the line lock option that will protect your storage unit above and beyond anything else available on the market.

Put your most expensive and valuable items at the back of your storage unit. Don’t make it easy for would-be thieves to spot your valued items when you are visiting your storage space. Make sure that things are covered up with a drop cloth or protected inside of a plastic storage container so they are away from prying eyes. Most storage unit thefts are a quick “smash and grab” type situation, where they break in quick, grab the first valuable thing they see and take off before security or management can find them. Don’t make it easy.

Choosing a Secure Storage Facility

For people living in the South Coast region, look no further than Affordable Storage in Fall River, Massachusetts. It is important to choose a secure storage facility that has all of the major security components in place for your protection. Locked gates with key pad entry, the option to increase security through the use of disc locks, 24/7 video monitoring and on-site management staff to ensure that no one gets into your storage space.

Take an inventory of everything you plan on storing. Take photos and keep a list – especially if you are storing things of value. Speak with your local insurance agent about getting an extended homeowner’s policy or specific storage insurance policy to protect your valued items while they are being stored. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Your insurance agent can help give you additional tips for safety that you can use to your advantage.

Speak with a representative at Affordable Storage Fall River storage units about how to rent storage space in Fall River at our facility. Make sure to ask about using extra storage unit locks, such as the disc lock, and find out all you can about how to maximize the security, safety and overall experience at our secure storage facility.