Getting Self-Storage Units Ready for the Fall & Winter in MA

prepare-for-fall-and-winterIf you are a regular user of Fall River storage units and have moved things in and out of storage throughout the years, you know that there are tips for storage units that can make the experience much more enjoyable. Self-storage units can help homeowners and individuals who have downsized into smaller living situations, to keep track of their things, have access to them when they need them, while still maintaining control over all of their stuff. If this sounds like something that would benefit you and your storage unit, take a look at the following tips designed to help you prepare for the coming fall and winter seasons.

Take Stock of the Existing Situation
If you currently use Fall River storage units to store some of your belongings, this is a great time to do a true “fall cleaning” on your space. Take everything out and dust or sweep as necessary, check the labels on boxes and make sure that everything is stacked properly to maximize safety and access. If you are moving into self-storage units for the first time, take some time to go through the items that you are going to put into storage to make sure that they are properly prepared to be stored for the weeks, months or years that they will be at the facility. This is particularly true when you are taking advantage of automobile, motorcycle or RV storage in Fall River. Speak with the site manager to find out about any required prep work that should be done to keep your tools, equipment and vehicles in good shape.

Due to weather conditions in the northeastern states, many tips for storage units this time of year will include placing a container of “Damp Rid” in the unit to prevent mold or mildew from growing. While most Fall River storage units are sealed and kept free of water, even from storms, winds and melting snow, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. Placing boxes on top of palettes and ensuring that clothing is put inside of plastic bags or air-locked containers, goes that extra mile to protect your important belongings while in storage.

Check the condition of your boxes to make sure they can stand another season. If using cardboard boxes, you will want to replace the boxes and possibly the packing materials inside of them, every couple years for best results. For long term storage, many experts recommend using plastic bins with tight fitting lids for use in self-storage units. This will keep your things free from dust, dirt, pests, moisture and other common storage hazards. Stacking plastic bins on metal or plastic shelving units can also be beneficial. Speak with the on-site manager of the local facility to ask about more tips for storage units that you can use.

Review the Security
While the facility itself will have it’s own security, such as the 24-hour video surveillance and key pad entry used at Affordable Storage in Fall River, it is important to review your own measure of security that you have in place. Many security experts recommend that you use a disc lock for storage to prevent break-ins or theft that can occur with locks that are less superior. Make sure everything is locked up properly and ask the manager of the self-storage units about any other recommendations that they can make to secure your belongings even further. Many locations will sell disc locks on-site to help you provide the very best in security for your personal belongings.

Check the condition of the unit as well, reporting any issues to the on-site manager right away. Signs of decreased security and potential for break-ins or weather related damages can include doors that squeak when opened or closed, doors that droop, sag or bulge, as well as doors that are difficult to close all the way for any reason. Make sure to go into the office of the Fall River storage units right away to report the issues. If you have any concerns about security or safety for RV storage in Fall River as well, speak with the on-site management to ask questions and find resolutions to problems.

Use a Quality Local Provider
One way to make sure that you are getting the very best in storage for your valuable items and off-season storage is to work with a quality local provider. Affordable Storage Fall River has been providing top quality services to local residents for over 20 years. Choose from a wide variety of self-storage units, automotive, recreational and RV storage in Fall River, based on your own unique needs and budget. Call today at 508-675-1177 for a FREE quote on our services or to reserve a Penske truck rental for your next move.