Getting Your RV Out of Secure Outdoor Storage in Fall River

We’ve talked quite a bit about how to prepare your recreational vehicles for RV storage in Fall River, but haven’t really touched on what you need to do in the spring or summer when you are ready to take it out of your secure outdoor RV storage facility. You can’t really just hit the open road without making a few safety checks, and it’s always a good idea to clean your RV, even though you cleaned it before putting it in storage at Affordable Storage Fall River.

If you have done this before, you probably know most of the steps provided in this helpful article. However, it’s a good idea to create a checklist for yourself so you won’t overlook something important that needs to get done. As the saying goes, an ounce or prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s always smart to take care of any maintenance or repairs before you get ready to go camping or head out on a long trip. You don’t want to end up stuck on the side of the road or paying high rates for repairs at a little highway repair shop.

Inspect the Exterior of the RV
The first thing you need to do is inspect the exterior of your RV to make sure that no damage occurred during the winter months. Big storms, heavy winds, and ice can sometimes cause issues with RVs when they are not in use. Check for water leaks that might cause damage on the inside. Inspect the roof, the caulking around the doors, windows, air conditioner access, and all vents to make sure nothing got cracked or broken. Take a good look at your tires to make sure there aren’t any cracks or problems with the sidewalls and treads. Replace or repair any problems that you find. Check tire pressure and fill tires according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Check the Batteries
One of the biggest problems associated with storing any type of vehicle when not in use is the batteries. Hopefully, you did all of your winterizing duties in the fall and were prepared for putting your RV in storage in Fall River over the winter. Self-storage units can also be used in addition to secure outdoor RV storage to hold recreational and sports equipment. Many of our renters will keep large items like RVs, boats, and automobiles in the outdoor storage, while also renting self-storage units for smaller items. You can store disconnected batteries in most units if they are prepared properly for storage.

If you didn’t check and clean the terminals when you winterized your RV, do so now. You can use a special solvent or use hot water and baking soda. Also, check the level of the battery fluid to make sure that it is at the proper level. Ensure that you remember the right way to reconnect the batteries to avoid getting shocked or shorting out your RV’s systems. You can mark your batteries at the end of the year before putting it into Affordable Storage Fall River so it will be even easier again in the spring. Consider getting your batteries tested or replaced, if it is time, so you won’t have any problems while out on the road.

Clean and Check Appliances
It is important to go over all of the appliances in your home away from home to make sure they are free from dirt, grease, grime, dust, and dead insects. Hopefully, you cleaned it before putting it into secure outdoor RV storage, but even if you did, you should disinfect and clean it again before use. Follow all safety guidelines for reconnecting liquid propane (LP) for appliances and switch on the leak detector in the RV. Test all appliances and run the refrigerator to make sure it is working before you go on any type of trip.

Check Water Pipes and Lines
Another very important system in your RV is the water system. Check and test all pipes and lines before you fill your RV with water. Use regular tap water from a hose to fill up your system for the first time, running the hot and water faucets during filling to allow any air to escape. Check pipes and faucets for leaks, check the water heater, and make sure that there is a steady water flow throughout the entire RV.

Make time to also check all sewer hoses, as they do have a limited lifespan. Look for any holes or tears before using it to avoid a really nasty mess that no one wants to deal with, especially during a vacation. Inspect all waste tank valves. The tank should have been completely emptied before placing it in RV storage in Fall River, so now is the time to check the valve seal to make sure it is working properly. Seals can dry out, crack, and stick, so you will want to maintenance, repair or replace these parts, as they are needed.

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