Have a Better Move: Get a Penske Truck Rental in Fall River

budget-truck-rentalWhether you are moving across town or across the country, the first thing you need to do is reserve a Penske rental truck for your moving date. The sooner you can make a reservation the better, especially during busy moving times. Around the last week or first week of the month can be busy for apartment dwellers and more people move in the summertime when the kids get out of school than during the school year. Either way, contact your local Penske truck rental in Fall River at Affordable Storage to make a reservation for the size and type of truck that you need. The following steps will provide you with even more tips for a better move.

How to Rent a Moving Truck

If you have never rented a moving truck before or if it has been a long time since you have had to reserve a Penske rental truck, these tips will be very helpful. You will need to identify the type of truck you will need, how long you will need it and what types of things you will be moving before you call for a Penske truck rental in Fall River.

Step One – What Size Do I Need?

The very first step is to identify what size of truck you will need. If you are just moving your things across town, you can get away with a smaller truck if you don’t mind making a couple of trips in the moving truck. However, if you are moving to another part of the country, you will want to reserve a Penske rental truck that will hold all of your belongings at once. Speak with a representative at Affordable Storage in Fall River if you need help determining the size of truck you will need. They have a general guideline available to help renters figure out how much space will be required to move an apartment or a whole house with several bedrooms of items. One rule of thumb is to choose a truck that is designed to hold 10-15 percent more than you think you will need to move, just to make sure there’s enough space for those last-minute things you forgot to consider.

Step Two – How Long Will I Need the Truck?

The next step is to determine how to rent a moving truck based on the length of time that you will need it. You might want a day to pack and a day to move your things and unload. You might want to just go one-way and drop off the Penske truck from Fall River to the city of your destination or you might be fine with bringing it back if you aren’t moving too far away. Some agencies will charge just a daily flat rate along with an approximate set of miles that are acceptable. Others charge a one-way flat rate based on your individual “point A” and “point B” for your move. Contact our office for details on the type of billing options available based upon the type of move that you will be doing.

Step Three – Do I Need Extra Equipment?

Now it is time to determine whether or not you will need any extra equipment with your rental. Do you need a moving dolly, moving pads, moving blankets, an extra trailer or towing equipment for your vehicle or recreational vehicle? Make sure to discuss these things when you call to reserve a Penske rental truck for your move. Ask about other equipment that might be available for rent that you may not have considered. Having all the tools you need available when you need them is one of the best tips for a better move.

Step Four – What Do I Need to Get a Penske Truck Rental in Fall River?

Different businesses have different rules about how to rent a moving truck and what is required to be allowed to drive a truck off the lot. In most cases, having a valid driver’s license and a major credit card are all that is required. With regard to insurance, check with your insurance company to find out whether you are covered for a truck rentals and whether or not your belongings will be covered during the move. Your rental agency might be able to provide vehicle insurance for a fee each day that you have the rental truck in your possession.

Step Five – Will I Get a Rental Agreement?

Yes, professional moving truck rental providers like Affordable Storage in Fall River will provide you with a rental agreement. Make sure that you read your agreement thoroughly before signing to make sure that you understand the terms of the rental. Inspect the vehicle to check for any dents, bumps, scratches or interior damage that is visible. Note it on your agreement where provided or speak with the representative to make sure that the information has been recorded. Double-check the mileage on the odometer to make sure that there is no mistake and inspect the amount of gas in the tank to make sure that you are in agreement there as well.

Step Six – How Do I Return the Rental?

When it comes time to return the Penske truck rental in Fall River, or wherever you are returning it to according to the terms of your agreement, make sure to check and see that you have returned the gas level back to the amount that you received it with and that you have removed all belongings and have swept out the inside of the truck. The goal is to return it in the same condition as received, minus the mileage that you put on the truck. Have your agreement in-hand when you return the vehicle and be ready to go on an inspection with the returning agency to ensure that no new scratches or dents have been made. This is why the initial inspection is so important, to prove that you didn’t damage the vehicle.

Where to Get a Penske Truck Rental in Fall River

As you may have guessed, the best place to reserve a Penske rental truck is at Affordable Storage in Fall River. In addition to providing quality, secure and well-lit self-storage units for local residents and businesses, Affordable Storage is also an authorized dealer of Penske truck rentals in Fall River. We hope that these tips for a better move and insight into how to rent a moving truck will help your move to be smooth and problem-free!