Have a Clutter-Free Home at Affordable Storage in Fall River

clutter-free-homeAll over the television there are programs that show you home organization tips that are designed to reduce household clutter to allow you to live a truly clutter-free life. Other programs are even more motivational, from “hoarders” reality TV to shows designed for busy moms who want to get a handle on things at home, there’s a little something for everyone. What all of these programs have in common is using a self-storage facility to put away things that are not currently in-use, either due to season or need, so there can be room to easily access the things that are used on a regular basis.

Are You a Hoarder?
After it was revealed that there are many hoarders living all across the United States from all walks of life, income levels and cultural backgrounds, other Americans have begun to identify the signs and realize that they have hoarding tendencies. Being able to stop something like this before it even begins to get out of control by finding ways to reduce household clutter can help.

Here are several signs that can help you identify whether or not hoarding might be an issue:

  • New Stuff IN, Nothing Goes OUT – Most people purchase new items to replace older versions or broken down items. If you buy new items and then never throw out the old, outdated or broken items, you might have hoarding tendencies.
  • Disorganized Piles – Another sign of hoarding is having a disorganized mess on your hands. Many people sort things in their home into piles – piles of bills, piles of laundry, piles of magazines, etc. However, if you have a pile of “just stuff” that has no rhyme or reason, you might have hoarding tendencies.
  • Garage Sales & Thrift Stores – If you love a good bargain so much that you buy things that you don’t need that end up getting stacked all over your home or just thrown into a garage, attic or basement and never get used, you might have hoarding tendencies.
  • Possible Future Use – People who have a lot of appliances and other items that are just being stored and are not being used will frequently say things like, “But I might need it someday.” That is usually a sign of hoarding tendencies that, if left unchecked, could end up getting worse over time.

How to De-Clutter Your Home
Look around your house and take stock of what you have. Think about how much should be removed from your home, either through donations to charity organizations, selling items online or via Craigslist and items that can be safely put into South Coast storage for later use. Try to work in 15-30 minute bursts. If you have a lot of clutter, it can get frustrating and feel overwhelming if you try to tackle too many home organization tips at once.

Another great tip is to play upbeat music that you really like while working around your home. It will make the time go by faster, keep you motivated and improve your mood. Start with the easiest items to sort – things you don’t really care about or need. Do not ever start with a room that has nostalgic items, such as the room of children who have moved away or a room of things that belonged to a loved one that was lost. The garage is usually a great place to start. It is often a “staging area” for things we don’t really want inside our homes anyway.

Don’t Hide It Under a Bushel!
If you find things that you love, that have meaning and bring joy to your life, don’t hide them away. Some people put special things away in drawers or boxes, but it is healthy to display those items around your home. Family photos, keepsakes from special events, souveniers from trips that were taken, etc. Put pictures into photo albums and display those albums proudly on shelves for easy access and browsing.

The things that you do decide to store should be put into clear plastic boxes with tight-fitting lids. This helps you to see what’s inside and it protects your items from dust, insects and rodents. Label your boxes and bring the things that you won’t use on a regular basis to Affordable Storage in Fall River for safe-keeping. Some people do this with holiday decorations, stopping in to exchange seasonal items for boxes of other seasonal items as the year goes by. This lets you display and use things that mean something to you without overcrowding and cluttering up your home.

South Coast Storage Options for Homeowners
Whether you think you have hoarding tendencies or not, you can always take advantage of the safe, clean self-storage opportunities available at Affordable Storage Fall River. You can store summer items, such as beach items, umbrellas, patio furniture and summer sports gear, during the fall and winter months. Then bring your winter items, such as the snow blower, snow shovels, sleds, winter gear, boots and more into storage when the season passes.

Give yourself more room at home with these home organization tips. Reduce household clutter and take advantage of local South Coast storage opportunities at Affordable Storage in Fall River. Affordable Storage has many different sizes and options for storage, including RV, boat and recreational vehicle storage located right here in Fall River, Massachusetts.