How Self-Storage Facility Can Help You Get Ready for College

college-movingWhen it comes time to leave home and go away to college, it can be challenging to know what to bring – and what to leave behind. Using a self-storage facility right here in the South Coast area can help you to move your things out of your old bedroom and keep them safe while you are away at school. For transporting large furniture items, such as beds, dressers and desks that you won’t be able to use while living in the dorm, moving truck rentals can be a huge bonus.

Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA has everything you need to make sure that your belongings are kept safe and sound until you need them again. From storage unit locks to Penske truck rentals and everything in between, Affordable Storage is your one-stop shop to help get you ready to make the move toward your next phase of life.

Safely Storing Your Stuff

Make sure to take time to properly pack your things before you put them into storage. If possible, get the boxes and plastic bins you are going to use to store your things a few weeks ahead of time so you can do it right. Label your boxes clearly with black markers so you will be able to find things when you come home on winter break. Sometimes we pack things away thinking we won’t need them, only to discover once we get to school, that they would have been helpful.

If you aren’t sure how much space you need or what type of storage unit locks to get, give us a call. Our staff members are happy to help you choose the best self-storage facility space to accommodate your belongings and can help you schedule moving truck rentals as well. Contact Affordable Storage Fall River, MA and get started on planning your college move today!

Things You Should Bring to College

This section will feature eight things that you might not think you will need when you go off to college that will definitely help you out when you get there – and make your classmates wonder why they didn’t think to bring them too!

#1 – Dish Soap

It pays to have your own little bottle of dish soap ready when you need it. Just a few days of cooking in a cramped dorm room and you will have nearly a sink full of dishes that need to be rinsed and washed. Having dish soap on-hand and ready to go without having to go to a store in a new city will be a big help.

#2 – Dress Up Clothes

You might think that college is just about sweats, t-shirts and college logo attire, but you will definitely need some business clothing for class presentations, interviews for internships and other occasions. You will also want to bring along at least one nice formal dress or suit. Colleges often host events that require semi-formal attire, such as dances, dinners and professional society gatherings.

#3 – A One-Cup Measuring Cup

Having a one-cup measuring cup that also marks 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 measurements can be a huge lifesaver. From making soup to hot cocoa, tea and even rice, you will need to have some way to measure liquids and ingredients. A one-cup measurement doesn’t take up much space and can be used for multiple purposes throughout your dorm room culinary adventures.

#4 – Laundry Extras

Including stain-removing pens that can be used to pre-treat stains until you have time to do your laundry, as well as wrinkle-remover spray that can help you avoid the whole iron and ironing board space dilemma, can be very helpful indeed. A drying rack that can fold up and be put under your bed or slid into a packed closet is also helpful for drying delicate sweaters and undies.

#5 – Mattress Pad and Cover

Make sure to bring a mattress pad, such as a memory foam or egg crate style pad, along with you to school. Dorm mattresses are notoriously uncomfortable. A cover that completely zips up around the mattress is also a smart choice to prevent bed bugs, dust mites and other buggies from affecting you during your stay.

5 Things to Leave at Home

In addition to all of your extra furniture, stuffed animal collection, Harry Potter hardcover books and posters of Sponge Bob that you will no doubt protect in a self-storage facility unit at Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA, here is a list of five more things that you should probably leave at home when you go off to college.

#1 – High School Stuff

Your high school things are oh-so-high-school and should be left at home or in your self-storage facility. Class rings, sports trophies, year books, pom-poms and school jackets should all be left at home. You belong to a new school now and it’s time to get some new school spirit.

#2 – Candles

You are probably thinking that the dorm smells like Ramen noodles and feet, which is probably very accurate, but it is forbidden at most schools to bring candles into the dorm. Be safe and bring spray and gel scents instead.

#3 – Appliances

While your local big box store had a huge sale on that mini fridge with the dry erase board on it that you’ve always wanted, it might not be allowed in the dorm. Find out ahead of time before investing in appliance purchases and lugging them all the way to school only to have to spend money to ship them back home again.

#4 – Expensive Electronics

You might have the world’s most awesome stereo system for your iPod playlist, but the college dorm is not the place for it. Not only will it likely be considered too loud by your dorm mate and the folks down the hall, but it will invite temptation to dorm thieves. Leave your cool electronics at home and use quality storage unit locks to protect your self-storage facility unit.

#5 – Warm Weather Clothing

You might think you are going to need those shorts and sandals, but chances are you won’t be needing them until spring break. Leave your summer clothes at home and make more space for warmer fall and winter things that you will need the most.

If you end up bringing too much stuff to school you can always make a weekend trip home to put it into your space at Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA. If you don’t have a car at school, you can get moving truck rentals from an authorized Penske truck dealer and haul your stuff home. If you have any questions about what can be stored inside your self-storage facility or you need to purchase storage unit locks for use at Affordable Storage or at school, give us a call or drop by the facility. Our team is here to help!