How to Be Successful at Storage Unit Auctions in Fall River

storage-unit-auctionsStorage unit auctions are all the rage. There are reality TV shows based on what happens at these events and it seems as if just about everyone is talking about them. If you have never attended storage unit auctions but want to get in on the action, this article will provide you with storage auction tips that will help you to properly prepare. Storage unit auctions can be a lot of fun because you never know what you might find hiding in storage!

What are Storage Unit Auctions?

A storage unit auction is a public auction that is held by a self-storage facility to sell the belongings so they can be removed from the premises when a renter fails to make payment on their storage space. A wide variety of items are often kept in storage units, from personal keepsakes to valuable collectibles and seasonal holiday items to expensive equipment.

There are different rules at each auction, so it is important to read the rules ahead of time. For example, the methods used at the Affordable Storage auction might be different from an auction you attended in another state or even down the road. It pays to read the rules and know what to expect before the bidding starts.

Basic Rules for Storage Unit Auctions

Whether you attend a storage unit auction at Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA or anywhere else in the northeastern states, there are some basic rules that nearly everyone follows. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, one of the best storage auction tips is to read the rules before the start of each auction, no matter where you are. Don’t ever just assume that one auction will do things the way another auction did.

  • If you make the winning bid for a storage unit, the contents of that unit must be emptied within 24 hours.
  • Bring cash with you to the auction. Most affordable storage auctions will require you to pay the full amount in cash as soon as the auction is over.
  • Do not enter a unit that is about to be auctioned or hasn’t been auctioned yet. Bidders are invited to peek inside the doors of the storage in Fall River, MA or wherever the storage unit auctions are held, but you are not allowed to enter unless you make the winning bid.

Additional rules will be posted prior to the start of the auction to ensure that all bidders know what is expected and what is required. This is true of any auction, including all auctions held at storages in Fall River, MA.

Storage Auction Tips for Beginners

If you have never attended storage unit auctions in real life, you need to be prepared. You might see people on television show up in fancy clothes and a pick-up truck, but you need to understand that this is just TV. In real life, fancy clothes and a small vehicle just won’t cut it at an affordable storage auction, so take notice of the storage auction tips below:

  • Wear Old Clothes – Don’t dress up in your Sunday best. Be prepared to enter some pretty message storage units and dig through dusty and dirty junk to look for your treasure. You will also need to load the items that you win from the storage in Fall River, MA and take them back to your own garage, office or storage facility. Even if you brought people to help you load the truck, don’t make the mistake of dressing in your nice clothes.
    Bring a Light – Flashlights, handheld spotlights, lanterns – whatever you think will help you to see inside the storage units once they are opened prior to bidding, the better. The more advantage you can get by being able to see things inside the unit, the more chance you’ll have of being able to make a solid bid.
  • Bring a Schedule – Depending on the number of storage unit auctions that are scheduled, some storages in Fall River, MA and elsewhere will provide a printout of the times and locations that the auctions will happen. Make sure to get one or print one out if you will be attending more than one affordable storage auction that day.
  • Rent a Moving Truck – While some storage units will be small enough that you can carry your winning load away in the back of a pick-up truck, most will require at least a mid-size moving truck. While most storage units, such as Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA will rent Penske rental trucks, but don’t count on them having one available to help you haul off the contents of your unit. If you want to rent from the storage facility, call in advance and reserve a truck if you don’t already have your own.
  • Bring Extra Locks – You will want to have locks with you to lock up the storage units after you make the winning bid. While you do have to remove everything within 24-hours, chances are you won’t be standing guard the whole time until you clear things out. Bring extra locks to put on the storage units after the original locks are cut off so you can protect your winnings and collect them at the end of the auction day.

Bonus Storage Auction Tips

If you really want to be successful at storage unit auctions, here are some basic – yet very helpful – tips that you can use to do your very best.

  1. Be Strategic – Know your budget. Know the size of unit that would house the type of things you are wanting to buy. Know the type of items that you want to bid on that will bring the most value.
  2. Ignore the Competition – Don’t let anyone get under your skin. Don’t just bid for the sake of out-bidding someone else. Ignore the competition and rely on your instincts.
  3. Have a Plan of Action – Once you buy a unit at storage unit auctions, make sure you will be willing to invest the time in dealing with and selling the things you purchase. Transporting, sorting, research, pricing and selling are all par for the course.
  4. Don’t Get Discouraged – Everyone gets a “dud” unit every now and then. If you make a bad purchase that doesn’t yield a profit, learn from the experience and move on.

Auctions at Storages in Fall River, MA

Storage unit auctions are becoming very popular but because they rely on renters to default on their storage space rental to occur, they aren’t posted with any regularity. Check with local storages in Fall River, MA to find out if they have any storage unit auctions planned in the near future and ask if they have a newsletter or mailer that you could get on to receive notifications. Once you learn the ropes and gain a little experience, you will learn how to make the most out of the next Affordable Storage auction in Fall River or anywhere else in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.