How to Get the Most Out of Fall River Moving Truck Rentals

Moving Truck Rentals Fall RiverThe absolute most cost-effective and simple way to plan a move, either locally or cross country, is to take advantage of moving truck rentals. There are many reasons to choose a Penske truck rental in Fall River over other moving methods. Not only is it the most affordable solution, but packing, loading and moving your own things is also the most convenient and flexible solution available for a do-it-yourself type of move. Choose from a variety of truck sizes, accessories and options to further customize your experience. You can even use Fall River storage units to keep some of your things ahead of your move and then just back the truck up to the facility and move everything to the new location all at once. However you want to move and wherever you need to go, all you need to do is reserve a Penske truck rental and you are ready to go!

What to Look for in Moving Truck Rentals
When you start to shop around for local moving truck rentals, make sure to choose a national carrier. This will ensure that no matter where you need to go, either right here in the South Coast region or all the way out west, the truck rental will be able to go with you. This is one of the many reasons why so many locals decide to reserve a Penske truck rental at our Affordable Storage Fall River storage units facility. Getting a Penske truck rental in Fall River means being able to transport your stuff just about anywhere in the United States.

  • The Right Size – Make sure that the truck you choose is the right size for your needs. Choose based on the number of rooms in your home, the amount of furniture and boxes, and don’t forget to include anything you have stored inside your Fall River storage units, especially if you are moving out of the general area.
  • Best Price Choices – Compare the cost of doing a DIY move with moving truck rentals to hiring a team of professional movers and you will already see how much money you will save by doing it on your own. Check prices, but don’t pick rentals based on price alone because you do get what you pay for – make sure the company meets all of your other essential criteria.
  • Lots of Options – Do you need to move a vehicle in addition to your belongings? When you call to reserve a Penske truck rental, ask about how you can tow your personal vehicle to your new home, using either a trailer rental or a ball socket to accommodate your own trailer. This will save you considerably in gas, tolls and other associated moving costs.
  • Multiple Moving Solutions – When you get moving truck rentals, make sure you can rent for local moves, regional moves, interstate moves and cross country moves all with the same truck. Some companies have limitations, so it is best to talk about those up front to avoid any misunderstandings along the way.
  • Insurance Opportunities – Most moving truck rentals will offer some type of limited coverage when using their truck rental to facilitate your move. Make sure to ask about basic coverage, any additional coverage, and speak with your insurance provider to find out whether or not your coverage can be extended to include the moving truck rentals.
  • Top Accessories – These are the things that you will use to make your DIY move even easier, such as moving dollies, packing blankets, boxes, tape, packing materials, and anything else that you can get when you visit Fall River storage units about how to reserve a Penske truck rental. Make sure to also reserve accessories in advance so you will have them on moving day.

Why Penske is the Best
There are a lot of national companies that you can choose to work with for your move. However, when you choose to get a Penske truck rental in Fall River, you are making the best choice available for a number of reasons. When you compare Penske to other companies, you will see that it is the best deal around. You can select your own pick-up and drop-off location when you reserve a Penske truck rental. Start at your local Fall River storage units at Affordable Storage and then drop off anywhere you want in the United States.

As a representative of Penske, we are also proud that when you rent a 24 foot moving truck you actually get a 24 foot moving truck. If you compare our truck to U-Haul’s website listing of a 24 foot moving truck, you will see the differences right away. Our truck offers 24 full feet of floor to ceiling space with a payload weight of 12,000 pounds, holding the capacity of 5-8 rooms full of furniture. However, on U-Haul’s website, their 24 foot truck only have 20 feet of open floor with a small overhang at the cab that is counted as part of the 24 foot truck measurement. Their truck only has a payload of 6,500 pounds – nearly 50 percent less than ours – and can only hold the capacity of 3-4 rooms. Now that is an obvious difference!

Contact Affordable Storage Fall River storage units to reserve a Penske truck rental. If you are shopping around for moving truck rentals, you will get a great deal, plus all of the accessories, options and space you require with a Penske truck rental in Fall River. Call today at 508-675-1177 to reserve your rental or ask about our Fall River storage units.