How to Have a “Green” Move

green-moveHave you ever thought about how much waste happens during a move? All of the boxes, wrapping papers, bubble wrap and of course the fuel that is required to move all of your stuff to the other side of town or across the country. Americans are doing all they can to try and conserve as much resources as possible in everything that they do.

One of the latest industries to embrace the idea of working “green” is the moving industry. Believe it or not, there are a few small companies getting started that only use biodiesel fuel. As the movement begins to grow and spread across our nation, there are things you can do right now to help cut down on the amount of resources you use and the waste you produce throughout your next move.

Recycled Boxes
One way to cut down on waste is to use recycled boxes. There are a lot of places that offer used boxes that can be purchased at a fraction of the cost that you would spend on new, plus there’s the peace of mind in knowing that you are giving “extra life” to the boxes that you are using. You can check your local newspaper, Penny Saver or for new listings of recycled boxes. Start collecting boxes prior to your move to ensure that you have enough in advance.

Plastic Boxes
Some people prefer to pack and move their things in reusable plastic bins. Not only can you get additional use out of the bins, but many of the plastic bins for sale today are made from recycled plastic materials. Plastic bins are also idea if you will be putting some of your belongings into a storage facility in Fall River, because they work to protect your things from dust and damage.

Environmentally-Friendly Packing Material
Another popular trend is to use packing material that is environmentally-friendly. Recycled newspaper, corn-based packing material and even shredded cardboard boxes are available as an alternative to plastic bubble wrap, peanut-style packing and other traditional materials. If you can’t find environmentally-friendly packing material in your area, consider making your own. Save newspapers or collect them from friends and neighbors in advance of your move and use the to wrap dishes or shred them to use as extra padding for your packing.

Unique Moving Options
One company in particular has taken the “green” moving movement to an extreme degree. Rent a Green Box invites earth-conscious movers to rent green boxes that are made from recycled plastic. They call themselves the “first zero waste pack and move solution” in the United States and offer a wide variety of alternative moving options, such as eco-friendly packing materials and packing labels. When planted in the ground, the labels grow into snapdragons for you to enjoy at your new home. Of course, these materials are designed to break down quickly, so don’t count on them for long-term storage.

Pack Your Belongings WITH Your Belongings
This is where your creativity can come into play. Wrapping valuable decorative items or other fragile pieces in your towels, sheets, blankets or with pillows and other obviously cushion-like items can also help reduce the amount of packing material you will need. This method will work best on a local move. Long distance moves will jostle your boxes and other items around a lot more. However, this method can still be used to protect not-so-valuable items from becoming scratched during the move. Wrap your headboard in a quilt to prevent scratches in the Penske truck rental or use pillows to keep lamps from knocking in boxes.

Lighten the Load
Another great way to reduce waste and lower fuel costs on a move is to lighten your load. If you are making a cross-country move that will likely result in a return home sometime in the future, consider storing the items you won’t need at an affordable storage in Fall River. By keeping those items locally in Southeastern Massachusetts, you’ll avoid all the associated costs, packing waste and fuel that would be used to move them to another state.

You can also lighten your load by having a yard sale, garage sale or getting rid of items on eBay or Craigslist. If you know you won’t need the items anymore, selling them can help you get some money together for your move and will reduce the amount of space you’ll need in the Penske rental truck on moving day. However, if you think you might need those items at another stage in your life, renting a unit at a storage facility in Fall River can help.

Contact Affordable Storage for All Your Moving Needs
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