How to Make a Short Move Easier: Fall River Storage Units

short-move-tipsYou might think that moving out of state or across the country is the most difficult type of move, but that would be only because you have never made a short move. Believe it or not, moving down the street or just across town can be even more difficult than a long distance move. The first reason why short moves are more difficult is because the people doing them always underestimate what will be required. You’re thinking that you are just going down the street or to the next town, so not as much preparation goes on and things get forgotten.

The best way to plan your short move is to take advantage local opportunities such as Affordable Storage Fall River. Here you get a great deal on moving truck rentals, as we are an authorized Penske Truck rental dealer. You can also get storage for rent in Fall River, which can help you to cut down on the amount of work that you will need to do the day of the move and give you a great place to store extra items that won’t fit in your new place. Whether you are downsizing, moving in with a roommate or moving into your own place for the first time, Fall River storage units are a great way to make it work without sacrificing your stuff.

The Multiple Trips Myth
Another reason why many people underestimate the seriousness of a short move is that they assume that they can just do multiple trips and save money on getting appropriate sized moving truck rentals. The truth is that you will save on gas, time and money for the amount of time that you need the Penske Truck rental if you get a truck that is large enough to move everything all at once. While you might think you will want to spend the entire day or weekend loading and unloading and driving across town, the truth is that you will eventually get tired and decide that whatever is left at the old house can be trash. That’s a great way to accidentally leave behind something important.

One way to avoid the multiple trips option on moving day is to start packing a month or two in advance. Pack away all the things you won’t need to use between now and the move. Seasonal items, such as winter coats and mittens in the middle of summer or bathing suits and beach toys in fall, should be the first things to go. Pack them up and pop them into storage for rent in Fall River. You can take them over as you go or rent a small truck once a month prior to the big move and take them to Affordable Storage Fall River. Safely, securely and slowly – at your own pace – is a great way to WIN on moving day!

The “I Don’t Need Help” Myth
Once again, the idea that you won’t need to ask for help from family and friends on moving day when you make a short move can really come back to hurt you. You might be thinking that you can just load it yourself because it’s not a big one-and-done load before getting on the road, but you will need help. Couches, dressers and refrigerators still weigh a lot and are awkward to load without help. Boxes still need to be stacked and fragile items still need to be handled with care. It pays to have people there to help you load and unload your items. Taking an extra trip back to your Fall River storage units to grab the things that you moved ahead of time might be able to be done without help, but you will still want someone to follow you to Affordable Storage Fall River when you return your Penske Truck rental.

If you are going to ask for help, try to make a fun day of it. Being prepared ahead of time by making plans, getting moving truck rentals secured in advance and using storage for rent in Fall River for seasonal items and things you won’t need right way can help make it easier on you and your helpers. The less stress that you can have through it all, the better. Nobody wants to help a stressed out grump and you might burn bridges for future moves if you act like a jerk because you are anxious about the move. Order some pizzas, have coolers of ice water, sodas and iced tea all set up at BOTH locations. Think about your movers and have TP and other important items set up at BOTH locations. Consider their potential needs and you will be able to create a positive, stress-free atmosphere that everyone will actually enjoy!

Book Your Move at Affordable Storage Fall River
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