How to Prepare a Refrigerator for Storage Unit in Fall River

how-to-store-refrigeratorIf you have ever used a storage unit before at the local Fall River storage facility, chances are you put a lot of different things inside for safe keeping. Most people store things like tools, decorations, photo books, clothing, old furniture and other odds-and-ends that they don’t need to use every day, but one of the most common types of appliances that are put into storage for rent in Fall River is the refrigerator. People store older refrigerators that they might not need, but they want to keep around in case they do need them one day in the future. Because these are good refrigerators in working condition, it is important to know what you need to do to protect your appliance so it will still be working when you take it out of storage one day in the future.

Affordable Storage can help you with a wide variety of storage solutions. From storage units in Fall River to RV and boat storage, storage unit locks to Penske truck rentals and everything in between, we can help you with just about anything you need for moving and storage. Storing a refrigerator is very common, but most people don’t know what they need to do to prepare their refrigerator to be placed into storage. While taking all of the food items out of the appliance might seem like an obvious first step, you might be surprised at how many people don’t think to clear everything out. The rest of this article will focus on providing you with tips to help get you started.

What Type of Storage Do You Need?
One of the most common questions that storage facilities get about storing refrigerators is whether or not they need to rent a climate controlled unit. The truth is that refrigerators can be stored anywhere. In fact, many homeowners not only store refrigerators in their garages, but some also have an extra refrigerator in the garage that they use year round. You may need a temperature controlled storage for certain items that could be sensitive to the extreme temperature fluctuations experienced in the New England area, but when it comes to refrigerators and other home appliances, you can get a basic storage for rent in Fall River and not have any problems.

However, one thing that you might want to consider is how you will get the refrigerator into the Fall River storage facility. Affordable Storage has units that are accessed outdoors with drive-up access. Some facilities have storage units in Fall River that are indoors with a narrow hallway between spaces. Make sure to check out the facility and look into your options with regard to storage unit locks and other extras, to make sure they have everything you need on-site to protect your refrigerator and other belongings. Refrigerators need to be handled with care to prevent damage to coils, wheels and balancing mechanisms, to ensure proper service when you want to use them again in the future.

What Type of Prep is Needed?
When it comes to getting your refrigerator ready to be placed in a unit at our Fall River storage facility, it is important to clean and defrost the appliance before you even move it from your location. Remove all of the food, clean out the refrigerator carefully and thoroughly with an anti-bacterial cleanser, warm to hot water and dry the refrigerator completely before closing any doors. It is important to remove all traces of food to prevent the attraction of ants and other pests. It is also crucial that you make sure everything is dry. Moisture inside of an unused refrigerator can breed mold or mildew.

You will also want to make sure that you move, transport and store your refrigerator in the upright position, as you would if you were using it. The number one reason why most refrigerators fail is because they have a broken compressor. Even excessive tipping can cause damage to the compressor. Make sure that you prepare ahead of time by having a hand truck or appliance dolly handy to move it correctly. Do not try to move a large refrigerator on your own, make sure to have some help.

Any Important Storage Tips?
The best way to avoid any type of musty or weird smelling situations from happening is to completely remove the doors from the refrigerator before you put it into storage. Check the user manual or, if you don’t have it handy, look it up online by the brand and model, for instructions on how to do this properly. Store any hardware in zip bags and tape them on the inside of the refrigerator or place them inside of a drawer so you won’t lose them. Consider placing a storage tool, such as a “damp rid” or other moisture, humidity and odor absorbing product inside the refrigerator or near it within the Fall River storage facility.

If you have questions about things you can do to prevent moisture from collecting inside your storage units in Fall River, speak with the on-site manager. When you get storage for rent in Fall River, you can ask questions about the types of things you want to store to make sure it is okay to store them and get tips and suggestions on how to better accomplish your goals. Our manager can also help you with storage unit locks, moving truck rentals and other helpful tools. Give us a call at 508-675-1177 to reserve one of our units or to get more information about our local facility.