How to Stay Organized This Summer

summer-organizationThere’s just something about the warm days of summer that can make us all feel a little more relaxed. Whether you’re on vacation from work or dealing with the kids being home for the summer, it feels as though more than just our schedules and fashions change – it’s a complete summertime attitude adjustment.

Relaxation is one thing, but laziness and disorganization is another. After just a few short weeks of enjoying “fun in the sun” you might look around your home and realize that things have gotten quite out of hand. The best way to combat organization problems at home is to start the season off with a plan that will help you stay organized this summer, while giving you the free time to still enjoy the season.

Just think about the mountain of accessories and gear that we tote around in the summer. From flip-flops to sunblock, swim gear to pool noodles, sports equipment to beach toys, towels to umbrellas, water wings to goggles – the list goes on and on and on. Even if summer is already well underway, it’s never too late to take a day to get yourself back on track and organized, so you won’t wind up with a mountain of clean-up when the season is over.

A Place for Everything

It seems as if every parent and grandparent used to dole out the advice, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” This theory, when put into practice, can actually work. Create a special place for all of your summertime supplies and consider creating a “storage station” in your garage, closet, mudroom or other area of your home, where you and your family members will be able to easily grab (and put away!) all of your summer things.

You can use a shelving unit and some baskets or anything that works within your budget or space for your storage station. Label the various baskets or storage areas with different categories, such as “hats”, “glasses,” “sunscreen,” “beach toys,” “pool gear,” “flip-flops” or whatever type of things you typically use most. Make sure they are easily accessible and quickly identifiable for best results. Include a large bin or box to store bigger items, such as pool toys and summer sports equipment.

Create a To-Go Bag

Many of the things we do in the summertime are spur of the moment. We wake up one Saturday morning, the sun is shining, the beach is calling – and we dash out the door to take advantage of the day. Creating a to-go bag that is filled with all of the stuff you’ll need to enjoy a nice day at the beach will help you stay organized this summer and make sure that your days are well-planned without a lot of effort.

If you go to the local community pool a lot, fill your bag with sunscreen, towels, goggles and anything else you typically use at the pool. If your to-go moment is to go hiking in the woods, you might include bug spray, an extra pair of hiking socks, a map, a compass and other gear along with your sunscreen. Whatever it is that “calls” you this summer, create a to-go bag and you’ll be ready in an instant the next time you have the opportunity to enjoy it.

Flip-Flop Storage and Organization

One of the hardest things to get control over in the summer is the mountain of flip-flops that come with the season. Storage and organization of these summertime favorites is vital to the overall success of your plan to stay organized this summer. A special storage station just for flip-flops could be in order, especially if you have a lot of flip-flop lovers in your home.

Find something that your family’s flip-flops could be tossed into that you can keep by the front door. A storage station doesn’t have to be something that you go out and buy, it can be something you already have. An old magazine rack, a large metal bucket, a plastic storage tub – whatever works for you and your flip-flop storage and organization needs is just fine.

Encourage family members to drop their flip-flops into the bin when they come in the door. Not only will this prevent dirt and sand from tracking into your home, but it will also prevent the inevitable flip-flop loss that comes from shoes sliding under couches, chairs and beds – never to be found again until summer is over.

Make Room for Summer

If you don’t have a lot of space to create a storage station that will help you stay organized this summer, consider putting some of your fall and winter items into a local storage facility. Affordable Storage in Fall River has lots of great options for area residents, providing clean, secure storage for all of your seasonal items and other items not currently in-use year round.

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