How to Use Our Fall River Storage Facility for a Better Move

better-moving-tipsOne of the most trying things that people have to go through is to make a household move. Whether you are buying a brand new home, relocating to another city or just making downsizing changes as your family situation evolves, there can be a lot of stress involved in packing up everything you own, loading it into a truck, and moving it to a new location. The best thing to do is to start planning and packing as soon as you find out that you will be moving. The more time you have to reserve moving truck rentals and take advantage of other best-moving tips, the better.

In fact, you shouldn’t stop at planning and packing, but you should consider moving some things into local storage units in Fall River before you actually move. Many moving experts highly recommend this extra phase in the moving process to help make the actual “moving day” flow and go a lot smoother. Imagine if you could reduce the amount of things that you have to do on that day and in the days leading up to it by 50 percent, how much would that reduce your stress?

Affordable Storage is a Fall River storage facility that can help you with everything you need to make your relocation run more smoothly. From on-site Penske moving truck rentals to self storage units, storage unit locks and other essential tools, many local homeowners, business owners and individuals trust our team and services to facilitate their moves. We can even store RVs, boats, personal watercraft, automobiles, motorcycles and other large items.

Storage Units for Organization
One way that storage units in Fall River can be beneficial during a move is for organization. There are a couple of situations that really benefit from this process, by providing more room at your current location and preparing your things for moving to the new location. For example, when selling a home, it is important to clear out as much “clutter” and personal belongings to help prospective buyers imagine themselves living inside the house. It is hard to think about another person’s house as being your future home if all you see are their things inside that space.

Another example would be getting organized after living for many years at the same location. It is easy to get too comfortable and spread out inside of your home, so you may want to take this move as an opportunity to go through all of the things that you have been collecting. Create four piles – things that you want to throw away, things that you don’t need that can be donated, things that you want to keep at the house right now and things that you want to put into storage. Seasonal items, such as winter coats and boots or holiday decorations, can be put away into storage if you are moving in the spring and summer months. Why keep these things in your way while you prepare to make a big move?

Storage Units for Simplified Moves
Another benefit of using our Fall River storage facility is to help streamline and simplify your move. When you use a storage unit, you are in charge of that space. You put on your own storage unit locks and you can set up the space any way that you like. Some clients stow away furniture that they aren’t using, boxes of memories, collectible items and other things that can be packed up first for the move. By loading up the boxes and things into the storage unit in the weeks and months prior to the move, you make it easier to visit pack everything up in a simple and easy manner.

For example, moving half of your things into storage means you only have the other half to pack and load into moving truck rentals on moving day. You can stop by the storage units in Fall River to quickly and easily pick up the other half that has been neatly stowed away. You can also leave those stored items in the storage until you unload the essential things on moving day and get settled. This can be helpful if you are downsizing and aren’t sure if you will have room for all of your furniture and year-round storage items. Some customers keep their storage space and continue using it to keep their new home clutter-free.

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