How to Use Self-Storage As Your Family Grows and Changes

family-self-storageAs families grow and change, they accumulate a lot of stuff. A new baby means lots of new furniture, toys and gear that you will be using to take care of your newest family member. As children grow, their needs grow. Clothes, strollers, walkers, bouncy chairs – it all really begins to add up. Tricycles progress to two-wheelers with training wheels. The training wheels come off and, before you know it, they’re zipping around town on a multi-speed bike.

While some children will use a toy to the point of destruction, other children are more careful with their things. Some parents simply have a garage sale as a means of downsizing the toys and gear that their children no longer want to play with, but in the current economy, that might not be a wise decision if you are planning on having other children in the future.

Bicycles, strollers, cribs and changing tables are the kinds of things that can be re-used by other children. Most require a rather large investment and, rather than selling or giving them away when you no longer need them, should be stored and kept in the event that they are needed again by a second, third or fourth child. You might be blessed with a large basement or storage space in your attic, but there are a lot of benefits to storing baby furniture and other items like these in a self-storage in Fall River.

Why You Should Rent a Self-Storage Unit
There are many reasons why using a self-storage in Fall River is advantageous to families. Properly caring for and putting away outgrown or seasonal clothing, as well as toys that are outgrown or not being used, can help reduce the clutter in your home and make more room for your growing baby. Keeping well-loved items is also a great way to keep children’s special memories intact without having to keep such things underfoot or cluttered in closets.

Storing baby furniture and other important items in a basement or attic might seem like a good idea, particularly if you have the room. However, there’s a lot to be said for storing your items in a more temperature controlled environment when you rent a self-storage unit, than keeping your things at home. Basements get humid, extremely cold and even damp in the winter months, which can wreck havoc on wood items and other sensitive things. On the other hand, temperatures in an attic during the summer months can exceed 100 degrees, even in New England, which can cause warping, cracking and other damage.

Store Your Items Safely and Save at Affordable Storage in Fall River
While it might cost you $35/month and up for storing baby furniture and other items, the savings compared to having to purchase everything new again in the future if you have another child will really add up. This savings can also work the other way around. If you are moving a full size bed and bedroom set from a guest room to make room for baby, storing the larger furniture in an affordable storage in Fall River will help you to preserve and save those items for future use.

As your baby begins to move on his or her own steam, using a walker or beginning to crawl and walk without help, you might want to move out some of your furniture until the child gets older. Glass table tops, antique furniture, items with sharp corners and other potentially hazardous things, would be better protected and can be saved at self-storage in Fall River.

Clearing some of these items out will also give you more room for baby to play and for you to enjoy your home together as a family. Sometimes the furniture we pick out as singles or newlyweds isn’t the same furniture we would want to have with baby around. However, there’s no need to get rid of your favorite stuff. When you rent a self-storage unit, you can keep these items stored safely away until baby gets older.

Where to Find Self-Storage in Fall River
Whether you are looking for a safe place for storing baby furniture, clothing or other personal belongings, it can really be in your best interest to rent a self-storage unit. Affordable Storage in Fall River has many different sizes of storage units available to suit your needs. An easy-to-use online space calculator is also available to help you determine the amount of space you’ll need. Contact Affordable Storage in Fall River for all your storage and moving needs in Southeastern Massachusetts.