How to Use Storage Units in Fall River, MA to Your Advantage

how-to-use-storageThere are many different reasons why people use a self storage facility. While some may only use it for a specific purpose at a certain point in their lives, others take advantage of quality storage units in Fall River year-round on a semi-permanent or permanent basis. Residential, commercial and industrial clients are always in need of additional space. Believe it or not, there’s a right way to use storage space, and a wrong way to use storage space. This article will provide you with the tips you need to make the most out of your storage experience, offering insider information on everything from storage unit locks to moving truck rentals and everything in between.

Find a Safe, Secure Facility

The first step in making the most of your self storage facility experience is to find a place that is safe and secure, as well as convenient and affordable. Affordable Storage has a wide variety of secure storage units in Fall River and can even accommodate larger items, such as boats, RVs, vehicles and much more. With 24-hour surveillance monitoring, a gated facility with key pad entry, on-site management and quality storage unit locks, we are a very popular storage spot for locals in the South Coast area.

Moving Truck Rentals

Unless you have a large pick-up truck or a friend who owns a large moving truck, chances are you’re going to need to ask about moving truck rentals. Affordable Storage is an authorized dealer for Penske Truck, providing lots of rental options for residential and commercial clients in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Whether you are making a household move, need to store some excess inventory or just want to move your seasonal items from your garage and attic into a clean, secure facility, our moving truck rentals can help you get from point A to point B.

Ask About Insurance

If you are a home owner or if you have renter’s insurance, your policy may extend to the self storage facility that you are using to hold your household goods and other storage items. Speak with your local insurance agent to find out if the storage units in Fall River will be covered under your regular insurance policy or if it is possible to get an extra rider that would cover your storage unit. Make sure to discuss storage unit locks, moving truck rentals and other issues relating to storing specific items at a self storage facility with your insurance agent to make sure you don’t overlook any important details.

Learn How It Works

The best way to find out what is expected from your when you rent storage units in Fall River, such as when the monthly payment is due, how it can be paid and whether a contract is required, make sure to speak with the self storage facility direct. While many of your questions can be answered online via the company website, taking a minute or two to pick up the phone and call Affordable Storage Fall River can help answer any questions you have about due dates, grace periods and other common payment-related concerns for storage.

Dangerous and Hazardous Items

Before you place anything into your storage unit, make sure to speak with the self storage facility owner or manager about the items that can and cannot be stored. Many of the rules regarding items that cannot be stored inside the storage units in Fall River are due to safety concerns. For example, storing flammable items could be dangerous not just to your storage unit and belongings, but to everyone else who stores things around you. Other items can leak, cause damage to property or create gases that could injure you or the other renters around you. Take care not to put anything hazardous or dangerous inside your storage unit.

Call Affordable Storage for a Free Quote

Contact the team at Affordable Storage Fall River for a FREE quote on the units and recreational vehicle storage available at our self storage facility. We can help you with moving truck rentals, storage unit locks and other important elements that will assist you in your move. Give us a call today at 508-675-1177 and ask about our affordable storage and Penske Truck moving truck rentals!