Learning How to Avoid Problems With Fall River Storage Units

avoid-problemsThe best way to fix a problem is to never experience it in the first place. Knowing the common pitfalls that can come from first-time use of a self storage facility can help you to have a better all-around experience. These tips for better storage use and planning can help you save time, money and frustration. When you take the time to study and learn from the mistakes of others, you can avoid some of the unpleasant surprises that many storage users experience and will enjoy the services you receive at our Fall River storage units even more.

Problem #1 – Not Enough Space
Imagine spending an entire afternoon moving your things from point A to point B with your Penske Truck Rental in Fall River only to discover that your storage unit isn’t big enough to hold all of your stuff. Affordable Storage Fall River has five different sized units available for you to choose from and provides our customers with an easy to use tool on our website that will help you figure out how much space you will need. Make sure to take advantage of all of these tools and speak with one of our agents if you still aren’t sure to avoid facing this problem on moving day.

Problem #2 – Not Enough Security
While store facilities like Affordable Storage Fall River have 24/7 security and on-site management staff available to help safeguard your belongings, it is also important to make sure that you do everything on your end to keep your stuff safe. Storage unit locks should be made of high quality, durable materials that are difficult to break or damage. We recommend disk storage unit locks for added strength and security, but we can also provide you with information about other lock options that will help you to protect your belongings. Our automatic gated entrance with keypad entry and 24-hour security surveillance give you added security and protection, while allowing you to still access your stuff 365 days a year.

Problem #3 – Poor Organization
It pays to think strategically when it comes to using a self storage facility. One of the most common tips for better storage available on the Internet and right here at our blog are regarding organization. Labeling your boxes and storage items ahead of time is a great step toward good organization of your storage unit. Loading items into your Penske Truck Rental in Fall River in an orderly fashion according to how you want to load it up into the storage unit can also be beneficial. Placing large items, such as furniture, storage shelving and other big pieces around the outside walls and stacking boxes and other smaller, lightweight items on top will help to protect your things from falling while they are in storage. If you will be retrieving items on a regular basis, consider an alphabetical or numerical ID system that will help you to find specific boxes without wasting an entire day going through every single box.

Problem #4 – The Ticking Time Bomb of Trouble
Without realizing it, you could be creating future problems for yourself in your self storage facility. Outside of storage unit locks and making sure to reserve a Penske Truck Rental in Fall River for your moving day, it is important to prepare your belongings properly for storage. Wash all of your clothes and blankets to make sure that they don’t have anything on them that would attract pests or cause them to smell or have other issues by the time you take them back out again. Clean all pots and pans, toasters, microwaves and other kitchen items and appliances to make sure they don’t have crumbs, sauce or other spills on them. If you are storing items from your garage or shed, such as lawn mowers and edge trimmers, make sure that all of the oil and gasoline have been removed from your tools. Go over everything before you load it into your truck rental to make sure that every detail has been considered.

An Ounce of Preparation…
You might have heard the saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In the case of using a self storage facility, an ounce of preparation through taking the time to properly pack and store your belongings, can prevent you from having an awful day of moving. By following the simple tips for better storage in our blog here at Affordable Storage Fall River and by using your own common sense with regard to the things that you will store, you can ensure that your things will be stored safely and will be ready to use on the day that you retrieve them from storage. There’s nothing worse than coming back to your storage unit months later to find out that your badly stacked boxes have all fallen over and that your grandmother’s glass vases have all been broken or that ants have found their way to a dirty box full of dishes. Take time to prepare and pack properly for best results.