Make Room for Holiday Gifts at Fall River Storage Facility

holiday-storageDid you know that a lot of people will use their self-storage facility to hide Christmas and Hanukkah gifts from prying little eyes? It’s true! Affordable Storage’s Fall River storage facility can be used to hide gifts of just about any shape and size so you won’t risk ruining the big surprise. While you’re out doing your Black Friday shopping or taking advantage of great deals all year-round, you can get a storage for rent in Fall River to store all of those boxes and packages without worry.

However, in addition to being a great place to store holiday gifts, your Fall River storage facility is also a great place to store things that you no longer use on a regular basis to make room for holiday gifts at home. This is especially important when the kids are little and well-meaning grandparents, aunts, uncles and other extended family members tend to spoil kids with big ticket items or gifts that just flat out take up a lot of room. If you are short on storage, consider renting a space at the Affordable Storage self-storage facility and then you can deal with all that new stuff after the holidays are over.

What Can Be Stored?

You can store just about anything at Affordable Storage. In addition to offering secure storage units to our customers, we are also a popular RV storage in Fall River. Store your recreational vehicles at our location, from campers to trucks, sailboats to ATVs and just about everything in between. Many of our customers use the self-storage facility to store seasonal items. Winter equipment, such as snow blowers, shovels, sleds, skis, snow suits and other cold weather gear, tends to take up a lot of space. Putting those items inside of a storage unit can be an excellent solution and provide you with the room you need during the warmer months.

On the other hand, there’s also a lot of summertime gear that can get in the way when you want room in the garage for your winter weather equipment. Beach stuff, camping gear, boating accessories, fishing tackle, gardening tools and even landscaping equipment – as long as the gasoline and oil have been properly and safely drained before storing – can all be kept in our storage for rent in Fall River. In the spring you can change out your winter gear for summer stuff and when autumn rolls around you can change out your summer stuff for winter gear. It will give you much more space in your shed, garage or other home storage area to provide you with access to the things you need most.

Holiday Decorations Can Be Stored Too!

Another thing that most people don’t think about is the amount of space that holiday decorations can consume. From that giant light-up Christmas tree to the sparkly Menorah for the front yard, there are lots of decorations that are just too big to keep in your home. Garages, attics, basements and backyard sheds can all be a recipe for disaster. All it takes is one flood or a roof crashing in during a storm to ruin a lifetime worth of passed down decorations and family traditions.

Safely pack up all of your holiday decorations that you use all year long. Consider using a color-coded labeling system to make the boxes for each holiday or season easy to find. Red lids for Christmas, blue lids for Hanukkah, orange lids for Halloween and a little red, white and blue for those patriotic holidays that spread out from spring through early fall. Label everything clearly and consider numbering boxes as well. Use a system like “1 of 9” to indicate that there should be nine boxes in total so you won’t leave behind an important item and have to go back to the self-storage facility to get it.

Affordable Holiday, Seasonal and RV Storage in Fall River

If you are interested in storage for rent in Fall River or would like to know more about our self-storage facility, give us a call at 508-675-1177 or stop by our Lawton Street location. We have lots of storage units available for rent and we are also an authorized Penske Truck Rental service to help you get your things to and from our self-storage facility. Give Affordable Storage Fall River storage facility a call and let us help you make room at your home for the holidays today!