Moving-In Tips for Couples from Affordable Storage Fall River

movingintipsThinking about taking your relationship to the next level and moving-in with your boyfriend or girlfriend? There are a lot of things that must be considered before taking this step, but one of the biggest hurdles that can lead to arguments or break-ups is what to do with all of your stuff. One solution is to get a storage for rent in Fall River to keep all of the duplicate items safe during the settling in process.

Another idea is to use self-storage units for all of the furniture and belongings outside of clothing and other necessities for the one that is doing the moving-in, so as not to disrupt the existing home set-up. Whatever you decide or however you plan on doing it, here are some tips that will help you with everything from getting moving truck rentals to securing a self-storage facility at Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA.

Make the Big Decisions Ahead of Time

There’s nothing worse than getting to your moving-in day only to find out that you haven’t taken time to decide how things will be divided or arranged. Make sure to consider every aspect of living together, including sleep patterns, lifestyles, finances, furniture and anything else that might become a stumbling block in sharing a home as a couple. Utility costs, splitting the rent, groceries and even chores around the house – all of these things should be discussed and decided on ahead of time.

Furniture and storage items can be easier. However, while anything that doesn’t fit into the home can be put into self-storage units, it is better to figure it all out ahead of time and get moving truck rentals arranged to get everything stored or unloaded safely. You don’t want to be fighting over who has the better dining room table or argue about your favorite chair not fitting in with the living room furniture on moving-in day. Chances are you won’t need two of everything, so anything that doesn’t fit needs to go into storage for rent in Fall River.

Make the Move Together as a Couple

Even if you are moving into an already existing home or apartment, make sure that both parties feel that it is an equal and mutual situation. While it might seem easier to just move all of your things into storage when moving in with someone else, you also need to feel as if it is your home too and not just the other person’s. Both people should have a say in how things are set up, what furniture goes where and whether or not things should go into self-storage units. Moving truck rentals go both ways – the existing home or apartment furniture can be stored to make room for new items from the other person.

Packing Things Up for the Move

If you have things that you know ahead of time you won’t be needing at the new place, go ahead and pack them up with storage in-mind so they will be safe while they are at the self-storage facility. Consider using plastic tubs or other sturdy packing tools to safeguard your things for long-term storage. Never store food items, hazardous materials or anything else that might put your self-storage units at risk. Speak with the on-site manager at Affordable Storage Fall River, MA for a full list of things that should never be placed into storage. Ask about other storage options for recreational vehicles, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, cars and trucks at our clean and well-maintained facility.

Prepare the things that you will be moving into your new home or apartment as well. Stack heavy boxes on the bottom and keep lighter boxes on top to make sure nothing gets damaged during the move. Find out about moving truck rentals that will provide you with the space you need so you can move all of your things in one trip, rather than spending the day moving back-and-forth across town. Load the things that will go into your storage unit in the back and the things that will go into your new home in the front. When you unload the things that you plan on keeping and using, you’ll have room to put any items that your significant other wants stored so you can take them to the self-storage units together.

Preparing for Moving-In Day

Make sure to contact Affordable Storage Fall River ahead of time to secure your self-storage units and moving truck rentals. Affordable Storage is an authorized Penske Truck Rental location and can get you set up with the amount of moving space you need on moving-in day. We can also help you with storage for rent in Fall River, giving you room to store furniture, tools, equipment, appliances and anything else that you don’t have room for at the new place. Our self-storage facility is available to our customers 24/7 and has on-site management and security monitoring. For more information about our services and moving truck rentals, give us a call at 508-675-1177.