Moving Truck Rentals in Fall River: Tips for Loading a Truck

moving-truck-rentalsWhen it comes time to get a Penske Truck rental in Fall River, whether you are moving from one home to another or if you are placing your belongings into a self-storage facility, it is important to pack the truck right. While you will need to really think about safety and security every step of the way for long-distance moves, you will still need to be careful about how you pack and load your things even if you are just moving them across town.

Moving truck rentals are designed to hold a specific amount of items. When you rent a truck from your local Fall River storage facility, you will choose the rental based upon cubic foot storage. For example, you might have a 16 cubic foot truck or a 24 cubic foot truck to move the things from your home. Then again, you might need more or less space, depending on the size of your home and the amount of things that you are moving. Trying to maximize the amount of space will help save you a lot of time and trouble associated with having to make multiple trips or by having some of your items get broken due to sloppy packing.

Moving & Packing Tips from the Pros
In most cases, the average homeowner has no idea on how to effectively pack their boxes or load furniture and things into moving truck rentals. What ends up happening is that they either have a lot of unused space in the truck or they have so much stuff crammed into the truck that they end up leaving things behind. To avoid having this happen to you on your next move, here are some tips from the professionals that can help you to maximize the potential of your Penske Truck rental in Fall River.

  • Big Items Go First – When you load items into your Penske Truck rental in Fall River or the surrounding area, make sure to put the bigger items into the truck first. Large furniture, such as couches, bed frames, mattresses, desks, wardrobes and big appliances should all be put in around the outside of the truck, distributed around the sides. Strap these items to the railings on the walls to increase security and prevent movement during transportation.
  • Boxes Go in the Middle – Once you have all of your big items in the truck, you can go ahead and start loading boxes in the middle. The boxes should be stacked according to weight, with the heavier boxes on the bottom and the lighter boxes on the top. Make sure to stack them securely so nothing will fall over between your home and the self-storage facility or your new residence. Make sure to place fragile items in a safe place where the won’t fall over or have heavy items fall on top of them. Consider moving them inside your personal vehicle if they are extremely breakable or valuable.
  • Take Advantage of Tools – Make sure to use everything at your disposal, from furniture and appliance dollies to furniture blankets, bubble wrap, plastic furniture wrap, anchoring straps and other supplies. Most of these items will be available through the Fall River storage facility where you get your moving truck rentals. If you aren’t sure what to use for specific items, either during the move or while the items are being stored in your self-storage facility, ask one of the friendly customer service representatives at Affordable Storage in Fall River. Our team has many years of experience working with moving trucks, storage units and packing materials.

Other Tips for a Better Move
In addition to organizing all of your things properly when you load the moving truck, it is important to take care of specialty items when you pack and load them for your move. Pictures and mirrors can be put between mattresses for extra protection if you are unable to get specialty boxes that fit. It is important to still wrap them with a moving blanket or bubble wrap, but the mattresses will help to prevent damage. Take apart tables to avoid breaking a leg and, if they can fit, load your sofas up on their ends to provide you with more floor space in your Penske Truck rental in Fall River.

Once you get to the self-storage facility, take advantage of helpful tools, such as bookshelves or metal shelving units to help keep everything organized and easily accessible. Your local Fall River storage facility will provide you with a list of things that you can and cannot store in your storage unit. For the protection of your belongings and for the safety of others at the facility, make sure to follow the rules. If you have any questions about getting moving truck rentals or about securing a space at our self-storage facility, give Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA a call at 508-675-1177.