Moving Truck Rentals: Loading and Moving Tips from the Pros

moving-truck-rentalsAre you planning a move? Moving all of the things from your current residence to a new home or into a space at Affordable Storage Fall River can be a huge undertaking. The key is to have a plan, to know what needs to be done and have solutions that will give you the best way to do it. Planning ahead can really help make your move go a lot smoother. This is especially true when you need to reserve a Penske rental truck and load it up with your things. A small move via your own personal car is one thing, but a big more with moving truck rentals is another. Whether you rent storage space in Fall River or you are moving directly from one home to another, you will definitely need a smart strategy for packing and loading your moving truck.

Step One: Start Safe
When you get moving truck rentals, make sure to ask about any safety gear that is recommended. Check out the ramp for loading and look to see that the truck is clean and free from debris. When you reserve a Penske rental truck, take advantage of all the options available, such as hand truck rentals to move large or heavy items easier, as well as furniture blanket rentals and packing supplies that can be purchased.

Step Two: Think Smart
Before you just start throwing boxes into your moving truck, think about what you have to load. It is important to distribute the weight evenly from the front to the back and the sides of your moving truck rentals. One way to do this is to put the heavy, bulky items around the edges of the truck. This can be helpful for unloading too, whether you are dropping your things off at Affordable Storage Fall River or moving them into your new home.

Step Three: Protect Your Things
Never stack heavy items on top of lightweight boxes. Don’t load furniture into the truck without using furniture pads to prevent scratches or other damage during transportation. Consider securing each large item to the sides of the truck to prevent movement during your drive. When stacking boxes, make sure that everything is securely in place to prevent shifting or falling when the truck is moving. If your truck is too big for your move, secure everything to the sides – not just furniture, to prevent movement on the road.

Step Four: Special Care
There are certain items that will need special care when packing them into moving truck rentals. This holds true if you rent storage space in Fall River to house these items, as you will want to make sure that they are well-protected when in storage too. Glass items, such as lamps or aquariums, should be properly padded and secured to prevent damage. Remove chair legs and take apart furniture that could become damaged in the move, making sure to keep all screws and loose pieces in a plastic zip bag and taped to or tied to the item for easy assembly at the new location.

Step Five: Think Ahead
Even if you tape them shut, drawers from dressers and desks should face the wall of the moving truck rentals to prevent them from opening during your move. When placing these items in your space at Affordable Storage Fall River, make sure to turn them facing inward so you can use the drawer space to protect other special items. Don’t load metal items next to wooden items to prevent damage, however always use furniture blankets to protect your things. Again, this holds true when you rent storage space in Fall River – make sure that all of your things are protected.

Step Six: Loading the Truck
Always load with the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest and most fragile boxes on top. Take advantage of the things that you have, such as mattresses, to protect glass items, such as mirrors or glass table tops, during the move. Layer in your items, grouping them by type rather than by room, putting large pieces of furniture to the outside and using them to keep everything together. Strap couches and other items to the walls to provide stability for everything else that will go in the middle. Load in your appliances and important boxes last so they can be unloaded first.

Step Seven: Secure the Truck
When you reserve a Penske rental truck, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Find out how everything works, how to replace the ramp, secure the vehicle and close the back latch properly to prevent it from opening up on the road. Moving truck rentals are designed with the novice mover in-mind, including features that will help make your move a lot easier than if you just rented a generic truck to transport your things.

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