Organization Ideas for Affordable Garage Storage in Fall River

garage-storage-fall-riverThe garage. It’s where everything gets stored that we don’t have room for in the house. It’s where all of the gardening equipment, household tools, extra bundles of paper items, extension cords, holiday decorations, sporting equipment and bins of outgrown clothes ultimately end up. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Once items get moved from the house, they don’t necessarily have to fall into the vortex of never-to-be-found-again items that is typical of the American garage. There is a better way.

Identify What Stays and What Goes
The best way to get started with organizing your garage is to separate the things that need to be kept in the garage from the things that could really be placed in storage for safe-keeping or seasonal use. Some items that need to be in your garage year-round include:

  • household tools
  • automotive tools
  • buckets and cleaning supplies
  • bicycles on bike racks
  • spare or old tires
  • flammable or hazardous materials, such as gasoline for landscaping equipment, cleansers, oil, pest control items, propane tanks, etc.

Some of the things that we keep in our garages don’t necessarily need to be there. For better garage organization, consider moving some of these items to local self-storage units. Affordable garage storage can help you to keep things in order, be able to access important items easier and maybe even have room for your car. Some items that can be moved to self-storage units include:

  • holiday decorations
  • seasonal items, like screens, storm windows, shutters, etc.
  • seasonal sporting items, including ATVs, skis, water-skis, personal watercraft, sleds, kayaks, baseball equipment, etc.
  • camping equipment, including tents, cook stoves, sleeping bags, coolers, etc.
  • pool cleaning equipment, blow-up pools, umbrellas and beach toys

Set Garage Organization Goals
What is your purpose of cleaning up your garage and moving storage items to self-storage units? Garage storage in Fall River can be about making room to park your car and protect it from the weather or it can be about creating a workspace for your tools and projects. Garage organization can be about anything you want it to be – even if it’s just to move everything out and have a clean, clutter-free space.

It is important to think about your goals, what you will use the space for after you move your things into an affordable garage storage unit and how you want to approach it. Having a plan and making clear-cut goals will help you to stay on-track and make sure that you achieve those goals without compromise. If you just start cleaning and moving items without purpose, you will more than likely just waste a Saturday afternoon.

Tips for Smarter Garage Organization
Take it from professional organizers, you will work better if you take advantage of a few cleaning and organizational tips. Before you start moving things to a garage storage in Fall River, take a look at these tips to maximize your cleaning and garage organization potential.

  • Move Everything Out – If weather permits, pull everything out of your garage and place them on the driveway or the lawn. Use tarps or blankets to protect items that could be easily scratched or damage.
  • Clean Before You Sort – Grab a broom and sweep the garage out completely. Take down cobwebs off the walls and corners, check the ceilings as well and dust off shelves or workbenches before you put anything back.
  • Start Sorting Items – Go ahead and start sorting the things that you pulled out of your garage into three piles. Things to throw away, things to donate and things that you will keep. Once you determine which things will be kept you can move to the next step.
  • Decide What Goes to Self-Storage Units – Now you can determine which items will stay in your garage and which items will go to an affordable garage storage.
  • Neatly Put Items in Your Garage – Take care to put things back in your garage in an organized manner. The same goes for the items that will go into garage storage in Fall River, take care to neatly pack, stack and organize your things in your self-storage units.

Where to Get Affordable Garage Storage in Fall River
Contact Affordable Storage in Fall River to find out about the different self-storage units available for rent. In addition to helping you with garage organization for your boxes, keepsakes and sporting equipment, Affordable Storage in Fall River can also help you with affordable garage storage for your RVs, personal watercraft, boats, ATVs, motorcycles and other recreational vehicles. Need a truck rental? Affordable Storage in Fall River is an authorized dealer of Penske rental trucks. We can help you get everything you need to do a complete garage organization and get all of your seasonal or not-in-use items safely into self-storage units right here in Fall River, MA.