Penske Truck Rental in Fall River: How to Plan a Better Move

better-moveWhen it comes to getting ready for a move, whether you are moving house across town or to a completely different part of the country, it is important to have a solid plan. There are tons of tips for a better move available online, but the best tip is to start planning for, packing for and preparing for your move as far in advance as possible. Sometimes you only have a month or two to prepare, but if you set yourself a schedule, it’s still possible to have a good experience. From securing your moving truck rentals to renting storage units in Fall River as you prepare for the big day, once you move with a strategic plan in motion, you won’t ever wait until the last minute again.

30-60 Days in Advance
Why the wide range of time? This will depend on when you find out that you need to begin preparing for your move. The standard notice that most people give as renters is 30-days, so that should be the bare minimum that you have to prepare. However, if you are selling your home and moving to another home, the time frame might be up in the air. In that type of situation, you need to begin preparing for your move as soon as you can, possibly even using a local self storage facility to hold all of the things that you don’t use on a daily or regular basis.

Extra furniture, seasonal items, winter clothes in summer or summer lawn equipment in winter – whatever you can stash and get out of the way, the better. Collectible items, old baby clothes, family photo albums, musical instruments – anything that you don’t need to keep handy during the moving process. Just make sure to pack it all properly as if you were loading it into the Penske Truck rental in Fall River today to make your move. That way, it will be easy to just stop by the storage facility, load up your stuff into the moving truck rentals and hit the road.

At this time in the planning phase you should also do the following:

  • Rent space at a local self storage facility to use for “staging” your boxes, furniture and other items as you pack them up and prepare to move.
    Reserve your Penske Truck rental in Fall River at Affordable Storage for your move-in day to make sure it is available. NOTE: If you do not have a way to get large items into the storage units in Fall River, make sure to ask about daily or half-day moving truck rentals that you can use before your official moving day.
  • Start collecting boxes so you can begin packing, moving things to the storage units in Fall River and make sure that you have enough supplies to pack up your entire home.

2 Weeks in Advance
Once you get close to your actual moving day, you will need to start taking care of all the tiny details that will help you to keep everything organized, available and forwarded to your new place of residence. Check in with Affordable Storage units in Fall River to find out what you need to do about closing out your storage space rental if you are moving out of state. If you will be keeping some items in the self storage facility, you can skip this

Now is the time to get everything organized, keeping track of important documents, such as home loan paperwork, rental contracts and leasing information with regard to your old and new homes, as well as medical records, birth certificates, shot records and other things that you might need access to right away at the new place to register kids for school, get seen at a hospital or sign final documentation. Keep all of these important things in a safe or in a binder that you will keep with you and take with you when you move.

At this time in the planning phase you should also do the following:

  • Put in for a change of address with the post office.
  • Notify your bank, credit cards, magazine subscriptions and any other bills that will continue after you move of your new address.
  • Arrange to shut off utilities after you move out of your current address and provide those companies with your new address for the final bill.
  • Arrange to have the utilities turned on at your new address the day before your actual move-in or the day of if you will need to be there to supervise or sign for services.
  • Contact friends and family to help with the move, either loading the moving truck rentals from the self storage facility, at your house or coming along to help unload at your new destination.

The “Week Of” the Move
Now you’re in the home stretch! Finish packing up and labeling your boxes. Do any type of preparations that need to be done to secure appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, stoves, microwaves, etc. before the move. One of the best tips for a better move involves creating a moving day box that includes everything you will need to have a great day. Include your family’s prescriptions, glasses or contacts and cleaning fluids, the documents that were gathered in the above section, credit cards, checkbook, photo IDs, maps to the new place, snacks and toys to keep the kids busy, water bottles and all documents for the new house or apartment, as well as keys and any other important items, such as gate openers or gate codes.

Make sure to double-check your Penske Truck rental in Fall River to make sure there weren’t any miscommunications. When you pick it up from Affordable Storage, stop by your self storage facility to load up any boxes or furniture that you had set up there in advance for the move. Put them to the far back of the truck to make room for everything at your old place. Take time to clean and vacuum before you leave, taking out all trash and anything left behind. This is important for getting back a deposit and is a courtesy if you have sold your home to a new family.

If you can follow these tips for a better move and take advantage of all the tools available at Affordable Storage units in Fall River, you will have a very positive moving experience. From our moving truck rentals and self storage facility opportunities, Affordable Storage has everything you need to have a great move! Give us a call today at 508-675-1177 to reserve one of our storage units or to secure a Penske Truck rental in Fall River.