Prepare for Winter: Secure Outdoor RV Storage in Fall River

Winter RV Storage in Fall RiverWhen you live in the New England area, it is important to have a game plan as to where you will store your recreational vehicle (RV) in the off-season. Road trips and stops at favorite campgrounds are a lot of fun in the summer, but unless you are heading out west or down south before the first snowfall, you’ll need to find RV storage in Fall River. The size of your RV may present a problem for some storage locations.

However, if you choose to use secure outdoor RV storage and know what you need to do to winterize your RV for the cold and snow of the season, size won’t mean a thing. Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA has a wide variety of storage options for personal belongings, as well as automobiles, boats and RVs. Come take a look at our secure Fall River storage facility yourself or give us a call to learn more about the services and opportunities available at our location.

Finding the Best Place to Store Your RV
Most neighborhoods have restrictions regarding the storage of RVs at your residence – even if you have space in your driveway. Don’t risk getting a ticket or find yourself scrambling for secure outdoor RV storage when there’s snow on the ground. Make sure that you know the rules of your city or home owner’s association before you just assume that it’s okay to park such a large vehicle on the street or in your own driveway.

When you consider that the average RV is between 18 – 25 feet in length and comes in at around 3,000 pounds, no wonder most cities don’t want these huge vehicles taking up so much space in local neighborhoods. Affordable RV storage in Fall River can help you free up your driveway and prevent any fines or misunderstandings. All you would need to do is winterize your vehicle before leaving it in storage at our Fall River storage facility, just as you would if you were leaving it outdoors in the neighborhood.

Why Choose Affordable Storage?
In addition to getting your RV off of your own property for the winter, there are many advantages to choosing to store it at a secure outdoor RV storage. Your local Fall River storage facility is much more secure than keeping your RV in the driveway or even in your backyard. Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA is fenced in, well-lit, monitored with on-site video cameras and has staff on the premises 24/7. When you leave your RV in your driveway over the weekend while you are out-of-town or parked in the backyard for a week while you are on a winter vacation, you run the risk of break-ins and theft. RV storage in Fall River will be constantly watching over your RV to ensure that nothing happens to it while it is stored.

RV parking spaces and land lots are the most common types of RV storage available in America. Most RV owners utilize these services to store and protect their recreational vehicles during the off-season or even when they are not in use during good weather seasons. They are very cost-effective and secure, providing storage options for RVs, buses, boats and other large items that wouldn’t normally fit into other types of storage in Fall River, MA. There are other things that you can do to protect your RV from the elements while it is in storage, such as using a high quality RV cover with UV protection.

How to Prep Your RV for Storage
If you are new to owning a recreational vehicle or have never had to winterize your RV before, this may be new to you. However, when you think about it, this is all common sense. Some of the work may be done before you bring your RV to the Fall River storage facility, however some of it must be done on-site. Make sure to speak with management regarding the work you need to do to winterize your vehicle before placing it into RV storage in Fall River for the winter season.

Some of the work that needs to be done can include:

  • inspecting all of the electrical wiring and devices; unplugging the battery to prevent damage while not in-use; store the battery in a room temperature location
  • water tanks should be completely emptied and cleaned out
  • pipes should be drained and dried out completely to prevent freezing
  • gas tank should be closed off completely
  • propane tanks should be topped off and shut off at the supply
  • store propane tanks in a cool and dry location
  • perform engine servicing, topping off the oil, radiator fluid, windshield wiper fluid, brake fluid and anything else applicable; consider adding a stabilizer to fuel still in the tank
  • remove the tires to prevent flat spots and other issues
  • protect the roof from damage by using a UV-protected RV cover

Reserve Space at Affordable Storage in Fall River
If you are interested in reserving space at our secure outdoor RV storage or would like to learn more about all of the options available at our Fall River storage facility, give us a call at 508-675-1177. We can help you find the best solutions for your belongings at our facility, including RV storage in Fall River and the surrounding area.