Protect Furniture When You Rent Storage Space in Fall River

protect-furniture-in-storageRenting space to store your things, whether you need to make room for something else or are downsizing to relocate to a smaller space, can be a great way to protect your belongings while they are not being used. Fall River storage units are available at Affordable Storage, as well as moving truck rentals and other tools that can help you have a stress-free experience. You can protect things like dishes, collectables, seasonal items and clothing by placing it inside of plastic containers, cardboard boxes or other storage tools. But when it comes to protecting your furniture from dust, debris and the act of moving it from your home and into storage in Fall River, MA, there are some other steps that you must take.

Most furniture won’t fit easily into boxes, so it pays to take some time to find out tips on what to do with those larger items when you rent storage space in Fall River. Even if you are only storing your furniture for a couple of months, it is important to make sure that you protect it during the move, while in storage and when you move it back to your home or to a brand new location. Check out these tips from experienced movers and packers that can help you to protect your furniture.

Step One – Prepare Your Furniture
The first thing you should do is prepare your furniture for storage. That means cleaning it, dusting it, wiping it down and polishing it. Wood furniture should be treated with a special wood oil to ensure that it won’t dry out while it is in storage. Check with the manufacturer, the paperwork that came with your furniture or consult and expert before applying any cleaners or treatments that you have never used before.

Step Two – Prepare the Storage in Fall River, MA
When you rent Fall River storage units to keep your furniture and other belongings, it is important to check out the space and make sure it is clean. If you are already using the space to store other things, stop by with a broom and a dust pan to make sure that everything is clean before you start adding new items to your space. Our facility is clean, well cared for and has an on-site manager to better serve our customers’ needs.

Step Three – Protect With Plastic
One of the best tools to help protect your furniture is plastic. Movers and storage experts alike suggest that you put thick plastic sheeting down on the floor of the storage in Fall River, MA to protect both your furniture and the floor. Using plastic on the floor makes it easier to move and slide heavy furniture from one side of the storage space to the other. It also creates a barrier between your furniture and everything else, which can protect it in lots of ways.

Step Four – Disassemble When Possible
If you have furniture that can be disassembled before placing it into storage, make sure to take advantage of this helpful feature. Just make sure that you are careful about keeping all of the nuts, bolts, screws and other hardware handy for when it comes time to reassemble it again later. Experts recommend putting all of these parts into a zip bag, labeling it and then taping it to the underside of your furniture. Breaking down furniture helps to save space and gives you more opportunities to wrap and protect important pieces while in storage.

Step Five – Use Moving Blankets
Another great tool that can really help to protect your furniture when you rent storage space in Fall River or wen you are moving your items via moving truck rentals, is the simple moving blanket. Moving blankets can be used to wrap furniture and provide padding and protection from bumps, scratches and nicks caused by furniture hitting other furniture or stored items during the move and while placed into storage. It also gives an extra layer of protection from dust, dirt and debris that could settle on your things.

Step Six – Smart Stacking and Storing
Make sure to take into consideration the size and weight of each piece of furniture before putting them into moving truck rentals or placing them into Fall River storage units. Put larger, heavier items on the bottom and then stack lightweight boxes or other light items on top. Avoid stacking furniture on top of other furniture, which can cause things to fall over, scratch important items or even break. Consider adding another moving blanket to the tops of furniture items that will have light boxes or things placed on top of them for extra protection.

Affordable Storage Fall River Storage Units
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