Self-Storage & Moving Truck Rentals: Tips for a Better Move

storage-and-movingDid you know that there are two tools that you can use when planning your move that will make the entire process a lot less stressful? When it comes to picking your moving truck rentals, it pays to only rent the best. While cost is sometimes a factor, it isn’t always best to just go with the cheapest deal. Penske moving truck rentals are one way to get quality and cost-effectiveness in one every single time you rent.

It is also a good idea to look at getting storage for rent in Fall River to help facilitate your move. These tips are great for homeowners looking to sell their homes or move to a new location, renters in an apartment who need to reduce the amount of items moved on moving day, as well as families that are downsizing to save money or reduce wasted space when a child grows up and moves out.

Pick Quality Self-Storage Units
It is important to choose the place where you will store your items carefully. This is true whether you will be using the storage as a temporary solution during moving or if you will be using it as a long term solution for a couple of months or more. Affordable storage for rent in Fall River is readily available, so you have the advantage to be able to get the type of storage space you want at a price that you can afford.

Get Dependable Moving Trucks
One of the best tips for a better move is to get moving trucks that can be relied upon during your move. There’s nothing quite like loading up all your stuff into a moving van just to have it break down on the road. Pick a well-known name brand and rent it from a local dealer that you can trust. Affordable Storage Fall River is an authorized dealer for Penske Truck rentals, a national and dependable company.

Use Storage for Moving
One of the biggest trends in self-storage units is to use storage as part of the moving process. It all started with real estate agents using storage to keep large, bulky furniture items and personal clutter stowed away to improve the chances of selling a home. Studies have shown that it is easier for prospective buyers to picture themselves in the home if there aren’t a lot of personal items around, such as family photos, mail on the counter, excess furniture and knickknacks.

Check out storage for rent in Fall River that will allow you to safely store these items, which can become sort of a holding area for your final move once you sell your home. Seasonal items, holiday decorations and other things that you don’t use all year round can also be stored in these storage units. Use this option as tips for a better move even for apartments, condos and short-term moves for college, business and overseas travel. Storage is a great way to protect the things that you want to keep, but just don’t have room for them at a certain stage in your life.

Consider Insurance
A lot of people don’t realize that they can also get insurance for things like self-storage units and moving truck rentals. This will help you to have a better moving experience all around because then you won’t have to worry about anything that goes wrong. Speak with your local insurance agent or talk to the vendor directly about insurance options and protection opportunities. Of course you still have to pack and load everything according to the rules, which means no perishable, flammable, hazardous or otherwise dangerous items. If you aren’t sure, speak with the storage for rent in Fall River and ask the moving truck rentals company for guidelines.

Smart Storage Solutions
Even if your things are only going to be packed and stored for a matter of days or weeks, you should still take the time to do it right. Label every single box according to the room you want it to go into at your new place, and include information about specific items that will be contained inside. Make sure that everything is clean before you pack it and use containers designed for the type of storage that you will be doing, such as cardboard cartons for temporary storage and plastic bins for longer storage solutions.

Contact Affordable Storage for Rent in Fall River
If you are looking for moving truck rentals or need self-storage units as part of your tips for a better move, contact Affordable Storage Fall River. We can help you with all of the storage solutions you need to protect your belongings, including larger things like boats, RVs, cars, motorcycles, ATVs and personal watercraft. Give us a call at 508-675-1177 to get a FREE quote on any of our services or to check on availabiltiy.