Selling Your Home? How Self-Storage in Fall River Can Help

selling-your-homeOne of the best ways to sell your home in Fall River is to do everything you can to make it look as appealing as possible to people who drive by or come in to tour the property. One of the techniques used by real estate agents is to “stage” a home. Here are some of the benefits associated with staging a home throughout the selling process:

  • Size
    When done properly, staging can help you to show off the size of your property. Good staging will make rooms appear bigger and allow prospective buyers to visualize their own belongings in your home.
  • Features
    If you have any special features that make your home stand out from other houses for sale in the neighborhood, its in your best interest to show them off. Features, such as fireplaces, swimming pools, French doors and bay windows can work to your advantage in selling your home in Fall River.
  • Clean and Clear
    Of course a clean home will help you sell your house faster, but a home that has been cleared of all personal effects, such as family photos and other items that make the house “lived in” should be removed as well. Prospective buyers need to be able to see themselves and their family in that space, seeing beyond the fact that you and your family live there now.

How to Use Self-Storage in Fall River to Your Advantage
In order to achieve many of the benefits associated with staging, you need to be prepared to clean your home and get rid of clutter. Fall River self storage units can be a real asset to people who are looking to sell their home. Not only will this help you to show off features, make your rooms look bigger and clear your home of personal effects through de-cluttering, but it will also help you to prepare for your move when you sell your home.

The biggest part of staging is in clearing out items that don’t need to be there. Clean out closets of personal items, clothing and boxes that you won’t be using during this time. Get rid of any furniture that you don’t need, that isn’t absolutely necessary during the selling process. Clear out storage from basements, garages, sheds and cabinets, moving your items to Affordable Storage in Fall River while you work on selling your home.

Decorative items should also be removed. Wall art can be beneficial, particularly in creating focal points to show off features, but be careful about retaining personal art that might not be widely appreciated by all prospective buyers. Sometimes a simple matter of a difference in artistic taste might be enough to turn someone off from buying your home. The best thing to remember when considering what should stay and what should go is that you aren’t selling them your home, you’re selling them their home.

Tips for Fall River Self Storage Use
When it comes time to store your belongings while you work on selling your home, it is important to put them in a safe place. While you might have a relative that has room in a garage or basement, it is important to consider that you might be storing your things for several months and that it might be difficult to gain access to those things, should you need to get something out.

Fall River self storage units can really be helpful in this capacity. For example, Affordable Storage in Fall River is a well-designed facility that features 24/7 security monitoring, on-site management, security lighting and other features that make storing and accessing your belongings a breeze. When you use a professional service to store your items and get rid of clutter, you ensure that your belongings will be properly stored and avoid having to inconvenience family and friends at the same time.

Some tips for using self-storage in Fall River include making sure to label boxes so you can find items when you need them; making a list of boxes and labeling them alphabetically or numerically so you can locate them quickly in your storage facility; storing larger items, such as big couches, hutches, desks and other furniture, at the back of your storage unit; and protecting furniture by using furniture blankets, sheets, old quilts or other packing materials. Check with Affordable Storage in Fall River for a helpful space calculator that will help you determine the size of the self storage unit that you’ll need.

Do You Need Fall River Self Storage?
Whatever the reason, from staging and selling a home to making room for a new baby, Affordable Storage in Fall River can help you find the solutions you need to store your belongings. All of our storage units were built brand new from the ground up in 2003 and feature insulated ceilings to help protect from drastic temperature changes. We also offer storage for boats, RVs, motorcycles, cars and recreational vehicles.

Whether you need help choosing a self storage unit or need to rent a Penske Truck, our professional and friendly staff are here to assist you. We are a local Southcoast family owned and operated business that has been serving customers in the Fall River, Massachusetts area since 1992. Today, we are one of the largest Penske Truck dealers in all of Southern New England and serve both residential and commercial clients alike.

You can contact Affordable Storage in Fall River by calling (508) 675-1177 or stop by our facility on Lawton Street. Our self-storage units, truck rentals and other storage offerings can help you to get rid of clutter as part of the staging process to aid in selling your home. Give us a call and find out more about all the ways we can help.