Spring Cleaning Tips for Households: Fall River Storage Units

From birthdays to holidays, special occasions and everything in between, fall and winter really seem to be the time of year that stuff really accumulates in the home. If you are looking for a better way to organize your home as part of your annual spring cleaning spree, consider taking advantage of storage for rent in Fall River to protect your important keepsakes and seasonal items. We all have things that we want to keep but don’t have room to store at home. You can make a big difference in the amount of space that you have at home for everyday items by moving the things that you don’t use every day or only use seasonally into Fall River storage units.

Think about some of the things that you might store year-round or at least three out of four seasons during the year. Holiday decorations, seasonal sports equipment, seasonal outerwear and clothing, gardening tools, snow removal equipment – the list is endless. Other things that you might want to store on a semi-permanent or long-term basis include outgrown baby clothes and furniture, family keepsakes, appliances, and much more. Take advantage of tips for better storage to maximize your rental space, as well as on-site moving truck rentals to help you get your things into storage, and you can clear out the things that are in your way to make room for everyday living.

Keep, Toss or Donate
The best way to get started on the road to good spring cleaning is to begin by going through your things to see what you want to keep, toss or donate. When considering storage for rent in Fall River, the “keep” pile should consist of things you want to keep in your home and things that you want to keep inside of Fall River storage units. This is how professional organizers do it. The things that are broken, expired or no longer useful can be tossed out with the trash or put into a rented bin that will be picked up by your local trash company. The things that you want to donate can be packed into a box that is clearly marked “DONATE” to avoid any confusion, which can be later carted off to or picked up by a local charity organization.

Another option is to have a garage sale or yard sale to get rid of items you no longer want or need, yet still hold value. You can use the proceeds to pay for your moving truck rentals, pre-pay your storage for rent in Fall River, or purchase organizational supplies for the home. The point is to use the money you make from your garage sale or yard sale to further fund your goals for spring cleaning. Storage bins, shelving, and other tools can all be used to enhance tips for better storage, making it easier to locate specific items in the future from your Fall River storage units when you need them. Some people use color-coordinated labels or plastic bins to help holiday decorations and other seasonal stored items stick out.

Make a Goal
The best way to accomplish something is to have a clear goal in mind. Do you want to use your spring cleaning efforts to turn a guest room into a home office or home gym? Do you want to take advantage of Fall River storage units to protect your kids’ old toys and baby furniture in case you might need them again in the future for another child? Do you want to store your grown child’s belongings while they are away in the military or at college? Whatever it is that you want to get out of your spring cleaning project, make sure to clearly define your goals. This will help you to stay on track throughout the process and not get side-tracked with other options.

You might only want to go through a small portion or single room of your home, or your goal might be more widespread, involving cleaning, sorting, and storage from every closet, room, and space inside your home. Moving truck rentals can be used to move everything into the storage facility in one shot, rather than making several small trips. They can be a great asset if you are moving a lot of items or just a few large items. Make sure to have all of the packing supplies and tools that you will need, such as furniture dollies, packing paper, and boxes, set up ahead of time to make the actual packing and moving a breeze. You don’t want a last minute scramble on your spring cleaning day to find packing tape or bubble wrap to protect your breakable items.

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