Stay Organized: Spring Cleaning a Storage in Fall River, MA

spring-cleaningOnce you move all of the things out of your home, attic, garage or basement and put it into a self storage facility you might think that the organization ends there, but it doesn’t. In order to make sure that your things are properly stored, cared for and protected, it can be in your best interest to visit Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA at least once a year to go through your items and do a little spring cleaning to stay on top of your organization project.

Homeowners often use storage units to store seasonal items, decorations, equipment, tools, collectibles and other things that they want to keep, but don’t have room for at home. However, the things that get stored are valuable enough to warrant checking on and keeping track of while they are in storage. Dedicating a day or two each year to visit your self storage facility, check the storage unit locks and stay on top of your storage organization will really pay off, especially if you need to find something one day.

Clean to Make Room for More Items
One reason why people will visit and clean their unit at the local self storage facility is to make room to store more items. Sometimes cleaning out the unit completely to sweep and clean it out is the best option. Some renters prefer to get moving truck rentals to be able to move their things into a safe spot while they go through the boxes and stacks of things to clean, organize and look through all of their stuff. Moving truck rentals can be reserved at Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA on a day-to-day basis to help you move new items to the self storage facility or to use as a temporary holding area for your things as you clean out your storage unit.

Some ways that you can make more space in your self storage facility unit include:

  • consolidate contents of boxes to save on space – full boxes also helps them to be more sturdy while stacked on top of each other in storage
  • go through your stored items and put them in plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes, which can hold more items and take up less space
  • re-sort the items in storage, making a pile for things you want to keep, things you want to take back home, things you want to donate and things you want to throw out; sometimes things make their way into storage that weren’t meant to be saved
  • take out things that you want to sell at a garage sale, on eBay or via Craigslist and sell them off to make more room for the things you want to store

Add Organizing Storage Supplies
Another great way to make more room or better organize your storage space at Affordable Storage Fall River, MA is to use self storage supplies, such as shelving units and other tools to help you keep track of what is in storage for easier access in the future. For example, some sturdy metal shelving units from your local home improvement center can help you get all of your boxes up off of the floor and help you to organize bins vertically, making more floor space for storing other items.

Tips for using storage organizational supplies include:

  • label boxes clearly by the person the items belong to, the room they came from, the items inside or the date that they were stored; consider keeping a list of boxes marked numerically or alphabetically with descriptions of the contents inside on a clipboard inside your self storage facility
  • use protective supplies to keep your items protected during storage, such as furniture blankets, scratch free sliders, packaging for fragile items and better plastic bins that can be a huge upgrade from cardboard boxes or crates
  • create an organizational method for keeping track of what’s in your storage unit to help you find what you are looking for faster in the future
  • take a photo of the items inside each bin and label bins clearly so you can find what you want without having to open each bin individually when you are looking for something in the future

Structural Organization for Your Self Storage Facility
Another way to make more space or make it easier to navigate your storage in Fall River, MA is to learn how to maximize the potential of your storage unit. Heavy furniture should be placed on the sides of the unit to allow for more bins to be stacked on top during storage. All shelves and furniture should be on the sides to create an aisle down the middle of the unit. Don’t just pack everything toward the back like you might with moving truck rentals during a move.

Shelving units should also be placed up against the side walls to provide more stability and to create aisles for easy access to your things. Use blankets, special furniture blankets, tarps or drop cloths to protect furniture from scratches when you place boxes on top during storage. Consider adding stick-on lighting inside your unit and other helpful tools that will help you to navigate your self storage facility unit in the future. Hang an air freshener inside the unit so it will smell nice the next time you visit. Consider upgrading your storage unit locks if you have been using them for a long time or if you find a better option.

The Best Self Storage Facility in Southeastern Massachusetts
If you are looking to store your items in the South Coast area, look no further than Affordable Storage in Fall River, MA. In addition to traditional storage units, our self storage facility also offers a wide variety of RV, automobile, boat and motorcycle storage options. Visit our office or call for more information on moving truck rentals, how to rent a self storage facility unit or for information on the best storage unit locks available. Call today for a FREE quote!