Tips for Making a Local Move in Fall River

local-move-fall-riverAsk anyone who has ever made a move across town – or even just down the street – local moves can be more trying and difficult than long-distance moves simply because we tend to underestimate them. When you move from point A to point B, it doesn’t matter how far the distance is between the two points, you are still loading, moving and unloading all of your stuff throughout the process of the move. This guide is designed for people who are making a short distance, local move in Fall River or the surrounding Southeastern Massachusetts area. It will help you make plans, be prepared and get all your ducks in a row before you even pack a single box. Moving days can be stressful for all parties involved. However, the more prepared you are to do what you need to do, the easier it will be.

Step One: Start Making Plans as Early as Possible
The moment you find out that you are going to make a move, it’s time to start planning. Think about everything that you will need to move. Decide what will go with you, what items will be put into a local storage facility and what things you want to toss, sell or give away. Moving is a great time to purge things or store things that you don’t use every day. Make lists, rent a moving truck and start buying moving boxes, tape and any other tools or equipment that you will need in order to have a successful move. Contact your local post office for information about changing your address and forwarding mail.

Step Two: Mark a Date on the Calendar
Determine which date would be best to start and finish the moving process. This is particularly important if you have a rental agreement or lease that is about to expire, giving you adequate time to provide a 30-day notice to move, find out final costs and learn what you need to do to get your security deposit back. Take into consideration any time you might have to take off from work and any friends or family members that might be available to help you get it all done.

Step Three: Estimate the Costs of the Move
Contact Affordable Storage in Fall River for information on how to rent a moving truck or to secure space at this local storage facility. Affordable Storage can help you figure out what size moving truck you will need and can help you get set up with a reliable Penske Rental truck on the day that you plan to move. Find out about any required deposits, estimate costs for fuel and anything else that will help you get everything taken care of in advance. Contact your utility companies – including cable, satellite or internet services – to make arrangements to shut off services at your old place and start up services in your new home. This is a great time to consider switching providers, especially if there are new customer specials being offered with free installation, no deposit and premium packaging for free or at a discount.

Step Four: Coordinate Your Moving Day Plans
Think about all the things you will need to do on the day of your move. Make lists of things you will need, such as water bottles and other beverages for everyone helping out with the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. Consider putting out a lunch spread of cold cuts, salads and other quick-fix food items to make sure that everyone is able to keep working until the job is done. Find out when the keys will be ready for your new place and when you need to turn in the keys at your current place. This will greatly affect start and finish times for the move. Also, if you are moving into an apartment or gated community, make sure to ask about any moving restrictions to ensure that you don’t break any noise or disturbance ordinances on your first day. Also, make note of when the moving truck will be available and when you need to turn it back in to the local storage facility.

Step Five: Start Packing
When it comes time to start packing your items, learn how to do it like a professional. Wrap all of your fragile or breakable items in packing paper or bubble wrap. Even though you are just moving down the street or across town, things can get broken just as easily as they would on a long haul move to the west coast. Visit the website for Affordable Storage in Fall River for more tips on packing, stacking boxes and moving furniture. Your local storage facility has tons of great information that will help you move all your stuff effectively and efficiently – no professional packers and movers required.

Step Six: Move Things in Phases
The first phase of your move should be to get the items out that you want to keep at the local storage facility so they won’t accidentally get moved on moving day and have to be moved twice. The second phase should be to move your furniture and appliances, all the heavy things that will need to be installed, plugged in and set-up inside your new home. The third phase should be to move all of the boxes, your personal items, toiletries, linens, small kitchen appliances and dishes. Consider making a small “care package” consisting of soap, paper towels, cleaning sprays, toilet paper and other necessities that might need to be sent to your new place on the first trip for the people who will be setting up furniture and unloading boxes on-site.

Step Seven: Clean It Up!
The last thing you should do is to check your old apartment or home to make sure you are leaving it clean and in good condition. This is particularly true for renters, but is also good manners for the people who will be moving in after you leave. Take out the trash, put the trash out on the curb, sweep out the garage – think about how you would want to find your new home and leave it accordingly. Renters may need to do what is called a “walk through” inspection with the landlord to determine whether or not any repairs need to be made and whether or not you will be getting all or some of your security deposit back.

Make Your Local Move Smarter, Not Harder!
Contact Affordable Storage in Fall River for all of your moving and storage needs. Affordable Storage can help you rent a moving truck, as they are an authorized provider of Penske Truck rentals in Southeastern Massachusetts. You can also take advantage of this local storage facility for any items that you want to store before, during or after your move. With all of the services and opportunities provided at Affordable Storage, they can help make your local move in Fall River go as smooth as possible.