Tips for Storage Units and Garage Organization in Fall River

storage-unit-tipsFor many people, the object of moving their belongings into Fall River storage units is to help organize things at home. Then why-oh-why wouldn’t you take the time to employ some storage unit organization tips at the same time? Learn how to keep things at home with room specific, closet and garage organization tactics and keep things orderly at the self-storage facility as well with tips for storage units. When you take time to make a plan, you just might be surprised at how simple it is to get organized and stay organized. These good habits can even trickle over into other parts of your life, helping to keep everything in order and on track.

When things are organized you reduce a lot of stress. Imagine not panicking when it comes time to find something that you need because you know where it is. Certain things can be put away into your storage unit for longer periods of time, such as holiday decorations, seasonal tools and gear, seasonal clothing, collectables, keepsakes and other objects that you don’t use on a day to day basis. There are also things that you can let go of and either recycle, donate or toss, based upon their condition. Sometimes we hang onto things that we don’t need because we don’t know what to do with them.

Start With a Plan

What will keep at home? What will you put into the Fall River storage units at Affordable Storage? What will you keep in your garage, attic, basement or closet? Once you make some basic decisions about things and where you want them to be stored, you can start going through all of your stuff. Do you need some tools to help you with this project? What about boxes, bins, tape, packing materials and other stuff? Make sure to have everything on-hand to help you get started with your garage organization and storage unit organization project.

Consider getting some metal shelving units for your project. Home improvement stores run specials on these units a couple of times each year, particularly around the first of the year for New Years organization resolutions and again in the late summer for those who are looking to organize before the start of the school year. Storage unit organization starts with having a method for your madness, a way to store your stuff so you can find it when you need it. You can use metal shelving units in your Fall River storage units to keep your boxes up off the floor and organized for easy finding when you need them.

Create an Organizational Chart

One of the best tips for storage units is to keep a sheet of paper and a clipboard with an organization chart of your unit. Think of this as a “cheat sheet” or breadcrumb program to help you find where things are inside of the storage space. Some people prefer to label their boxes clearly with what’s in them, such as “Christmas decorations,” “Snow Suits” or “Beach Toys”, so they can locate them by sight. Others choose to employ organizational tips, such as labeling each box with letters and/or numbers and writing down what is inside each box on the paper that is kept inside the storage unit.

An example of charting your belongings would be:

  • A1 – Summer Stuff: beach toys, swimsuits, picnic basket, tote bags, deflated beach balls
  • A2 – Summer Holiday: 4th of July decorations, BBQ utensils, outdoor table cloth, LED candles
  • B1 – Winter Stuff: scarves, mittens, gloves, ear muffs, ice scrapers, snow boots
  • B2 – Winter Holiday: tree decorations, strings of lights, window clings, garland, wreath

You can separate each season with a corresponding letter (A for summer, B for winter, C for spring and D for autumn) and then number each subsequent box according to what is in it, such as toys, tools, clothes, gear, holiday things, etc. There are lots of ways to go about storage unit organization. This is just one example. Find the labeling method that works best for you. Then all you need to do is go to the Fall River storage units, look at the list of boxes and find the box that corresponds to the information on the sheet to find what you are looking for inside the space. This is much better than unpacking five or six boxes until you find what you need.

Learn About Safe Storage

There are some things that cannot be safely stored inside of your storage unit. Make sure to speak with the manager at Affordable Storage Fall River storage units about what can and cannot be stored inside your space. Be aware that there are even some things that should not be stored inside your garage or shed at home. Many people store all kinds of dangerous and potentially hazardous items at home without even thinking about it. For example, pool chemicals, fuel for landscaping tools, oil, cleaning chemicals and compounds, oily rags and other items can all be quite dangerous. Make sure to adhere to the rules for safe storage at Affordable Storage Fall River and take the time to learn all you can about safety with regard to garage organization at home.

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