Tips for Storage Units: Better Packing Equals Better Results

better-packing-for-storageAnyone who has ever had to pack anything – for a move, a trip or storage – understands that the better you pack your things, the better they will travel and fare when they are out of your sight. When you put your things into a Fall River storage facility, whether it is for a few weeks or several months, it is important to organize everything so you can quickly and easily find what you need whenever you need to find it. To make the most out of your storage experience, the tips for storage units and packing below can not only make the entire process easier, but it will also help you to protect your belongings.

Start With a Plan
The first thing you need to do is make a plan when you rent storage space in Fall River. You will want to identify the items that you will be packing away to place in storage. If you have large items or a lot of things to be moved, you will also want to look into getting a Penske Truck rental in Fall River as well. Having a truck can help you move all of your things safely in a single trip and make it easier to move furniture and other items, in addition to boxes. Figure out what you want to move first and pack boxes according to whether you will need to gain access to them while they are in storage or according to what you will want to unpack first after you move everything out of storage again in the future.

Grouping your belongings according to weight or how fragile they are, will also make it easier not just for packing and stacking of boxes at your Fall River storage facility and insider of the truck rental, but it will also protect your things from damage. Heavy items that are sturdy should be packed and stored on the bottom, while fragile and lighter items should be packed and stored on top when you rent storage space in Fall River. Any odd-sized items that you won’t be able to stack or store in an organized manner should be kept separate to ensure proper packing and storage.

Consider Your Options
Other important tips for storage units include making sure that you consider all of your options when you rent a unit at your local Fall River storage facility. Choose the best size unit based upon the amount of things that you need to store. You don’t want to choose a space that is too large, but you want to make sure that you have enough room for all your stuff, plus some room to move around. If you will be renting space that will be used for a long period of time, you will also want to consider having extra space for putting seasonal items in and for taking other seasonal items out, such as holiday decorations, snow sleds or summer pool equipment.

If you aren’t sure what size space you need, contact your local storage facility at Affordable Storage Fall River and ask about tips for storage units. We also have RV storage, boat storage, vehicle storage and recreational vehicle storage options. If you have a lot of boxes, furniture and other items to move, ask about our truck rental services as well. We are an authorized dealer for Penske Truck rental in Fall River and the surrounding South Coast area. Our staff can help you get all of the space and equipment you need to make your move as smooth as possible.

Get the Right Supplies
Don’t just throw your stuff in a beat up, old cardboard box or toss your things into a garbage bag to put them in storage when you rent storage space in Fall River. Do it the right way and with the right supplies. Cardboard boxes, Rubbermaid bins and other types of storage crates should be used based upon the type of things you are going to store and how long they will be placed in storage. Sturdy boxes that are designed for moving and storage should be used, helping you to stack your things and allow for the best possible use of space inside the storage unit.

Make sure to seal everything up properly, using packing tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper and other packing supplies. This will protect fragile items and prevent you from getting an unpleasant surprise when you open your boxes back up again. Specialty boxes can even be purchased to protect specific items, such as electronic equipment, flat panel TVs and artwork. Consider getting moving blankets or sheets to cover furniture – or special furniture plastic wrap, if you can find it – to protect your things from dust.

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