Tips for Storage Units: How to Use Affordable Garage Storage

garage-storageOne of the best ways to de-clutter your home is to start by cleaning your garage. The garage is a great place to store things that you use to maintain your home, such as tools, gardening equipment, auto repair solutions and much more. While many of these things should not be put into a closed storage and others are forbidden because of the risk that they can pose, other items can be moved to a local Fall River storage facility to make more room for the things that you use regularly. In the northeast, there are many items that are only used for part of the year, so taking advantage of affordable garage storage can make your space at home more manageable.

Cleaning out your garage can seem like a really big job, but if you make plans to do it twice a year – in the spring and again in the fall – you can stay on top of it before it gets out of control. Some of the best tips for storage units include proper packing, stacking and transportation of items to ensure that nothing gets broken and that everything is stored safely. When you use safe and secure garage storage in Fall River to safeguard your things, you can rest assured that everything will be in one piece when you need it and come back to retrieve it again.

Getting Started: What You Need
The best way to keep your garage neat and clean is to have a plan of action. Before you start getting things ready to take to the local Fall River storage facility, you should make plans to clean while you pack things up to put away. Cleaning supplies, such as a broom and dust pan for floors and cubby areas, a duster for cobwebs and dusty surfaces, plus cleaning fluids. You might need some extra cleaning options to remove spots from floors and just give everything a good, fresh start. Packing supplies, such as large plastic bins that can be easily moved and stacked, large trash bags, tape, black markers and even shelving can all be used inside your affordable garage storage unit. Additional items, such as rags, a shop vac, work gloves, paper towels and other helpful things should also be gathered in case you need them.

Getting Organized: Do It Right
Make sure that you include organization tips for storage units in with your plan of action. The best way to make an organized move is to be organized from the very beginning and stick with it throughout the entire cleaning project. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Tackle a small area and work through it before starting anything else. Try to have fun with it. Take regular breaks, have cool drinks ready and perhaps even lunch prepared. Play some music and try to enlist a friend or family member to help and keep you company while you work. Separate your things by the season – store away winter items in the summer and summer items in the winter. Sports equipment, gardening tools, snow shovels, beach gear and holiday decorations are just some of the things people will often move between their garage storage in Fall River and home.

Getting Smart: Keep, Store, Donate and Toss
One of the best ways to clean out your garage, attic, room, closet or any part of your home, is to employ the keep, store, donate and toss technique. Use trash bags, boxes, plastic bins or whatever you have on hand to sort your items into these four categories.

  • KEEP – the items that you want to keep in the room or space that you are cleaning
  • STORE – the items that you want to keep, but will put into storage for later use or safe keeping during the off-season or while preparing to move
  • DONATE – things that you no longer need, but that are in good enough condition that they could be donated and used by someone else
  • TOSS – things that you no longer need that are in poor condition and should just be thrown away or recycled, if made from recyclable materials

Need a Fall River Storage Facility?
If you are cleaning out your garage – or any other part of your home – you will need safe, clean and affordable garage storage for the over-flow or for items you won’t be using year-round. Garage storage in Fall River can be used to store a wide variety of things, but make sure to ask about safety rules regarding the things that you can store and the things you can’t. Other tips for storage units regarding stacking, maximizing space and other organizational ideas can be found right here in our blog archive. For more information about renting space at our Fall River storage facility, contact Affordable Storage in Fall River by calling 508-675-1177.