Tips & Tricks: Using Secure Outdoor RV Storage in Fall River

RV Storage SolutionsOne of the best ways to store your RV or camper when not in-use is to rent space at a secure outdoor RV storage facility. Garage storage in Fall River can be hard to come by – and expensive – so most RV owners choose to use an outdoor storage option. Affordable Storage in Fall River has a wide variety of storage options available. Smaller recreational vehicles like ATVs, can be stored inside of our regular storage units, however we also offer outdoor space at our Fall River storage facility for boats, automobiles, trucks and, of course, RV or camper storage.

RV storage in Fall River can be hard to come by – especially if you don’t have room to store your camper on your own property. Home Ownership Associations impose restrictions on parking large vehicles on-site and many community standards regulations don’t allow RVs to be parked on the street for more than a couple of days before you’ll receive a citation. Your best bet is to visit our secure outdoor RV storage in Fall River and consider using it to keep your camper safe during the off-season. That way you won’t have to worry about moving it in the winter or having problems with security issues from not keeping it in a safe place when it is not being used.

Tip #1 – Security is Essential
When you start looking around at Fall River storage facility options for your RV, it is important to remember that security is an essential part of choosing a good location. Affordable Storage Fall River provides secure outdoor RV storage, as we are a gated location with a keypad entry, 24-hour video surveillance and an on-site storage manager. We also have other security options on-site to protect all of our customers from potential theft or vandalism. RVs can be a target of thieves, due to the electronic equipment, parts and appliances kept inside. So just parking your RV out on the street, in a parking lot or even at your HOA storage area won’t provide you with the security and protection that you will get at our Fall River storage facility.

Tip #2 – Clean Your RV
The next big tip is to make sure that your prepare your vehicle for RV storage in Fall River before you even get to the facility. That means taking care of cleaning it inside and out to remove any food, personal items and other effects leftover from camping season. A good cleaning with disinfectant will help your RV to smell cleaner and fresher when you retrieve it in the spring. Consider using things like moisture absorbent products inside refrigerators, closets, cupboards and other closed off areas to prevent mold, mildew and smells from developing during storage. Scrub down windows, blinds and close everything up to prevent sun damage to upholstery. Vacuum rugs, beds, sofas and other seating areas. Make sure everything is clean and dry.

Tip #3 – Winterize Your RV
You should probably already be familiar with what it takes to winterize an RV before placing it into a Fall River storage facility. Even indoor garage storage in Fall River requires winterizing to prevent the water lines and fuel lines from freezing during a New England winter, so just make sure you don’t forget to dot all of your i’s and cross all of your t’s when it comes to winterizing your RV or camper. Secure outdoor RV storage can only go so far to protect your investment if you don’t take the time to perform the necessary prevention steps to safeguard your RV. Drain all of the water from the storage tanks and water lines. Go through the entire winterizing process, as recommended by your RV manufacturer, for best results.

Tip #4 – Protect Your Tires
If you are using a secure outdoor RV storage, make sure to put some wood or plastic under your tires to make sure that they aren’t touching the ground. This method is used to prevent the rubber in your tires from cracking or aging while your RV or camper is in storage. Some RV owners put their vehicle up on jacks to get the tires up in the air. Make sure to check with the Fall River storage facility manager for recommendations and any rules about storing your RV before you do anything without permission. You don’t want to do something that might harm your RV, the property, or put you in violation of storage rules.

Tip #5 – Take a Second Look
Before you leave your RV or camper at our RV storage in Fall River, make sure to take a second look around for any perishable items or personal effects. RV owners could provide you with “horror stories” about things they’ve left inside their campers, whether they were parked in outdoor or indoor garage storage in Fall River. You can imagine some of the situations that RV owners have walked into after some of these scenarios played out. Don’t be one of those RV owners. Make sure to protect your vehicle, clean your vehicle and make sure that everything has been removed that should be removed before putting it into our secure outdoor RV storage area.

Call Affordable Storage in Fall River by dialing 508-675-1177 to get a QUOTE on any of our storage services or to check on availability. You won’t find a better or more affordable option for secure outdoor RV storage in the South Coast area. Come take a tour of our clean and well-maintained facility and ask to see where we store RVs, boats, motorcycles and automobiles at our secure Fall River storage facility.