Use Fall River Storage Units to Prepare for College Moving Day

College Moving and Storage SolutionsWhether you can’t wait for your kid to move out and go to college, or if you are dreading the day, it is important to start planning ahead for the move to help it go as smoothly as possible. The more preparation that you do ahead of time, the less stress and worry that you and your college bound son or daughter will have to deal with on moving day. It is important to consider what is okay to bring and what isn’t; what there will be room for in the dorm, and what needs to stay behind. You should also think about your plans for your kid’s bedroom when they are gone. Will you leave it as-is for when they come back to visit over the summer or are you ready to tear things up and build a home gym? Whatever you decide to do, it is important to have a plan of action.

Setting Goals
This is important for both of you. Your adult child will need to set goals of what they want to bring and what they want to do with regard to their college moving day. You will need to set goals of how you want to handle the move, whether you want to put stuff into storage or just leave things where they are. Once you make some of these difficult decisions, everything else will be able to just fall into place. It can really help to have your goals in mind a couple of months ahead of time so you can start making plans, setting reservations for a moving truck and finding Fall River storage units that will work to your advantage. These are some of the best tips for a better move that will benefit everyone involved.

Using Storage Solutions
One way for everyone to get what they want is to use affordable storage in Fall River to safeguard your child’s furniture and personal belongings while they are away at college. That leaves you with more room to create that home office, sewing room, guest room or whatever it is that you want to do with that space. It is important to ask questions, such as what things can be placed into storage and what type of storage unit locks are the best for the type of storage facility that you will be using. Make sure to speak with the college to find out how much space is allotted at the dormitory and also ask for a list of must-have items and do-not-bring items, just in case. Fall River storage units can be used to keep all of your child’s things safe and secure, whether they will be gone for just a couple of semesters or plan to be gone for a couple of years.

Pack Separately for College
As you help your son or daughter pack up their room for college, make sure to pack separately for college at the same time. Whether you use plastic bins, moving boxes or duffle bags to tote their things from home to the dorm, try to keep everything as neat and organized as possible. Consider making a list of the items stowed in each container so you will be able to find something right away if you need it. This can also be helpful for the items that will be stored at Affordable Storage Fall River in case your child calls and asks you to send something to them that they forgot. Storage unit locks should be strong, durable and designed to work with the type of latch and locking mechanism used by the storage facility. Don’t save anything for last minute. Be prepared, packed and ready in advance of moving day. This can be a very stressful day for everyone involved, so it pays to be prepared and reduce as much stress at home as possible.

Have a Plan
Make sure to go over what needs to be done on moving day. Know where your child needs to report, what time they need to be there, what they need to have with them in-hand, and prepare to be patient and wait in long lines. Even if appointments are scheduled, chances are good that they will be running late – even if you are scheduled for early in the day. Find out what is okay to use for moving in, such as carts, bins or hand trucks, and what is forbidden. Ask where parents should park to unload belongings to make sure you don’t get ticketed, bumped out of line or towed. Keys will need to be picked up, papers will need to be signed, IDs will need to be obtained and a possible visit to the bookstore will need to be made if there are any additional items that need to be purchased. Give yourself the entire day for this process and don’t try to squeeze it into a schedule.

Call Affordable Storage in Fall River
If you are making plans to help your son or daughter move to college, contact our facility for pricing and availability on our popular Fall River storage units. We also have space on-site to store recreational vehicles, automobiles, motorcycles, RVs, boats and other large items. Ask about our storage unit locks and get tips for a better move from our management team. Give us a call at 508-675-1177 to get a FREE quote on our storage or to rent one of our Penske moving trucks.