Use MA Self-Storage Units to Get Organized for the Holidays

organized-for-the-holidaysOne of the most exciting celebrations of the holiday season is decorating. However, with most decorations not going up until the day after Thanksgiving and coming back down again on New Years Day, the amount of space that they take up during the rest of the year can be quite imposing. One way to overcome this problem is to rent storage space in Fall River to hold your decorations during the other ten-and-a-half months of the year. Organization is also the key to making sure that your holiday parties and family gatherings go off without a hitch from Thanksgiving all the way until you ring in the New Year. Taking advantage of local self-storage units can help you to achieve your organizational goals.

Staying on Top of Decorations
First things first. Storage unit organization is an important part of putting up the decorations in the first place. Being able to find all of the strings of lights and grandma’s special ornaments are a big part of the season. Taking some time to sort through decorations, put them in boxes that will protect them from damage while they are stored in the local Fall River storage facility, and labeling them for easy retrieval at the next holiday season will help to make the entire process less work and more fun.

During the holiday season we often have a wide range of decorative items that are used. Fall leaves, wreaths and turkey decorations are used throughout the month of November until the Christmas or Hanukkah decorations are put up for December. Switching gears like this can involve a lot of work in taking the fall season decor down and replacing it with the winter items, but if you have everything organized ahead of time, everything will go much smoother. This will also help you to keep things cleaned up so you will be ready to entertain guests throughout the holiday celebrations.

Why Rent Storage Space?
Many homes come with storage space built right in, from basements to attics, storage closets to sheds and even some room in the garage. However, there are reasons why those places are not the best choice for storing your family heirlooms and decorative items. Basements can leak, as can attics, and garages and sheds are really built for housing cars and landscaping equipment. Having self-storage units that are dedicated to storing all of your seasonal items can really help you to get on top of the clutter at home. Storage unit organization can help you to find the boxes and things that you need when you need them without spending a lot of time digging and hunting.

Renting space at the local Fall River storage facility is also great for people who like to buy big for the holidays. Getting in on great sales for decorative items, cookie tins, holiday cards and other traditional purchases can save a lot of money and help you to prepare for the next year. Unfortunately, storing all those items in your home can lead to clutter or putting them in places where you might not remember where they were stored. Keeping everything all together in one place and utilizing storage unit organization tips and ideas, can make the whole process more effective and efficient.

Decorations for other holidays can also be organized and stored, such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Color coded bins are now available at most big box stores or you can label boxes with a permanent marker and stack according to the seasons. Self-storage units can also be further organized through the use of shelving units, which can be brought in and used to hold smaller boxes or fragile items. This makes it much easier than digging through closets, attics or creepy basements just to get a box of holiday decorations.

Looking for South Coast Storage Options?
If you live or work in the South Coast area, which includes Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, look no further than Affordable Storage in Fall River. Our self-storage units are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, allowing you to come get your holiday decorations whenever you need them. We have an on-site manager and 24-hour security surveillance. Give us a call at 508-675-1177 and make sure to ask about all of our storage and moving truck options available at our Fall River storage facility.